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What Is It?

  • Industry renowned, known and loved, Tim Muriello has long been one of the go to voices on supplementation, product reviews and general information within the supplement industry. So who better to bring out a product than the man himself?

  • Designed to push energy levels through the roof, Spazmatic combines high-intensity stimulants with coexisting steady state release stimulants as well to ensure energy levels peak quickly but last far longer. This means NO CRASH! And if that hasn’t got you excited already, combining mega doses of performance-enhancing amino acids, alongside vital cofactors for ingredient utilisation, Spazmatic truly maximises its benefits via maximising its ingredients.

Tim Muriello Spazmatic Supplements Spazmatic Benefits

  • Increase Energy & Performance
  • Improves Focus
  • Better Vasodilation / Pump
  • Reduce Lactic Acid Build Up 
  • Increase Strength and Power Output
  • Super high dose of B Vitamins
  • Full disclosure
  • Super high stimulant

When Do I Take It?

  • Tim Muriello Spazmatic Supplements Spazmatic should be taken 20 minutes before working out. Mix half to 1 scoop with 200ml - 500ml of cold water in a Supps42 shaker, shake and enjoy.. Always start on a low dosage to assess your tolerance (Note - Higher serves do not mean faster results)


  • $74.95 (Includes Free Express Shipping!)


  • 30


    • Mango Maaamba
    • Strawberry Frozen Fruitbar
    • Watermelon Taffy

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