Supps42 Sample Box - Monthly Subscription

Supps42 Sample Box - Monthly Subscription

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Monthly Subscription


What is it?

  • With so many different products to choose from, how do you know what product works best for you? You can try sticking with the same product indefinitely, but what if you're missing out on that next best thing that could take your training and recovery to the next level?

  • That's why we've developed the Supps42 Sample Box! It's your chance to try out a range of different products without spending a fortune. You're able to try different flavours, compare similar products and decide what works for YOU, without having to base your decision on someone else's opinionated review.

  • So we figured, let's make up a premium monthly box where you have the chance to try out over 100 different samples each year. You'll get 10 different samples each month for $34.95 per month (FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING INCLUDED), all personalized and catered to your specific goals! There are no lock-in periods so you can cancel your subscription anytime!!

How it works - The First Box

  1. Simply add the subscription box to your cart and check out as per normal, entering your delivery address and selecting your preferred payment method before processing.
  2. We will then shoot you an email to gain further insight into the type of products you're interested in to help us fully customize your sample box to your specific needs.
  3. Your first box will be dispatched once we receive your reply, shipping confirmation and tracking details sent as per usual.

How it works - The Rest

  1. A few days prior to your next scheduled monthly box, we will be in contact via email to confirm the delivery address and to arrange payment (payment method each month is completely up to you!).
  2. Once confirmed and processed, your next sample box will be dispatched the next business day, shipping confirmation and tracking details sent as per usual.


  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    - You can cancel your monthly subscription at anytime, free of charge! Simply shoot an email to todd@supps42.com advising you'd like to cancel and we shall process immediately. 
  • Do you direct debit my account like other subscription services?
    - No. In our opinion, there are too many fees associated with automatic direct debits (processing fee, failed direct debit fee etc.) thus we give you the freedom to choose your preferred payment method each month.
  • What payment methods can I use each month?
    - PayPal, AfterPay or Direct Bank Transfer. This will be organised via email a few days prior to your next scheduled box.
  • When will my box be shipped?
    - Your first box will be shipped once we receive a reply to our welcome email telling us what type of samples / products you'd like us to include. The rest will be sent the same date the following month. Eg first box sent on the 10th of Jan, the next will be sent on the 10th of Feb and so on.
  • Can I use a discount code?
    You sure can! Simply enter it in the discount box at the checkout to redeem.
  • What if I received a discount code after my first box?
    - We will immediately change the on-going price of your subscription to reflect the new price once the discount code is applied.
  • What type of samples will be included?
    - We will fully customize your box to reflect your specific health and fitness goals. We will email you to gain an idea as to what type of products you're interested in and what products we feel would greatly assist YOU and your goals.
  • Will they be different each month?
    - Yes! We will always endeavor to ensure your box contains different samples each month!
  • What courier is used?
    - All sample boxes will be express shipped via Australia Post. Tracking details will be emailed to your nominated email address.
  • I have a question that isn't listed here?
    - Please email todd@supps42.com 
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