Redcon1 GI Juice
Redcon1 GI Juice
Redcon1 GI Juice
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Redcon1 GI Juice

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What is it?

  • You hate getting sick. You hate stomach discomfort, bloating and digestive troubles. You hate feeling slow and sluggish with poor energy. And yet you hate your fruit and vegetables too (or simply don't have the time or macros left for them!). Sounds to us like you need to on the GI Juice legend. GI Juice a day will keep the doctor away. Better tasting, more convenient and more comprehensive than the greens you're trying to stack onto your dinner plate, GI Juice provides 8 full servings worth of micronutrients, plus digestive enzymes to bridge the gap in maximising your health, immunity and digestion alike.
  • So what actually is GI Juice? GI Juice is 8 servings of fruits and greens, plus some digestive enzymes. The fruits and greens are a concentrated blend of nutrients that help to bridge the gap that occurs at hand of most people really not getting the sufficient intake of fruits or greens within their regular diet. These micronutrients have an incredible wide and diverse range of functions within the body that would take us days to name, but holistically you can expect to actually feel healthier, feel better, and notice a stronger immune system against the attack of pathogens that tend to come and bite you in terms of prevented training or delayed recovery.

When should you take it?

  • We recommend a serving size of 1 scoop (15g), taken at least once, daily. For optimal results, consume upon waking or with breakfast. An additional serving may be taken with meals throughout the day to further boost micronutrient intake and aid digestion. To mix, combine with 300-350ml of water.


  • $74.95 (Includes Free Shipping!)


  • 30 serves


  • Grape
  • Pineapple Banana

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