ProSupps Hydro BCAA



What Is It? 

  • ProSupps have knocked it out the park with this BCAA formula, combining with it added amino acids for performance and recovery, as well as a complete electrolyte blend to ensure optimal hydration.

  • Hydro BCAA is formulated with 7g of BCAA’s at a scientifically researched 2:1:1 ratio, added Glutamine and Citrulline for extra recovery. This combination of ingredients, alongside a full spectrum of electrolytes, allows for maximum hydration while improving immunity and reducing the risk of muscle breakdown.

  • Hydro BCAA is a must have for all athletes and fitness enthusiasts, especially in the Australian climate where the risk of dehydration is higher.

ProSupps Hydro BCAA Benefits

  • Comprehensive Formula Features 7g BCAA + 3g EAA/serving
  • Promotes Maximal Protein Synthesis & Lean Muscle Support†
  • Zero Sugars, Carbs or Artificial Flavors; Ideal for Any Fitness Goal
  • Increase performance & endurance
  • Enhance muscle repair & muscle recovery
  • Electrolytes for hydration

When Do I Take It?

  • ProSupps Hydro BCAA can be taken before, during and / or after training. With that said, the most common time is during your session and / or throughout the day.
  • Simply mix 1 scoop with 600ml of water in a Supps42 shaker, shake it up and enjoy!


  • $59.95 (Includes Free Express Shipping!)


  • 30


    • Blackberry
    • Dragonfruit
    • Passionfruit
    • Pink Lemonade
    • Miami Vice
    • Sex on the Beach
    • Strawberry Kiwi
    • Texas Tea

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