Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy + Electrolytes



What Is It? 

  • Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy + Electrolytes is a caffeine based amino acid supplement that will increase energy and help with muscular performance & endurance. The caffeine amount will give you a nice little kick of energy to get through your workout / the day. Total caffeine content per a 2 scoop serve is 100mg.
  • ON have taken their popular Amino Energy formula further by adding a high quality electrolyte blend consisting of sodium, magnesium & potassium to ensure you stay well hydrated.  

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy + Electrolytes Benefits

  • Increase cognitive alertness and attention. No more feeling like you’re in a slump. You’ll feel focused and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.
  • Superior recovery after your workout sessions – you’ll bounce back faster, allowing you to train in the gym sooner after your sessions are completed
  • Enhanced muscle strength and power during the workout session thanks to the caffeine and branched chain amino acids this product provides
  • Increased levels of hydration, which keep your blood pressure levels regulated, your energy up, and your metabolic rate strong. Even slight level of dehydration can seriously impact sports performance, so this product can remedy that instantly.
  • Metabolic enhancement through Green Coffee Bean Extract. This may just give you an edge on your fat loss goals.
  • Antioxidant support to help reduce the damage to the body caused during intense exercise
  • Increased desire to drink more water – on top of actually boosting hydration thanks to the electrolytes this mix contains, because it adds delicious flavour to your water, you’ll be more inclined to drink more throughout the day

When Do I Take It?

  • ON Amino Energy + Electrolytes can be taken before or during your workout. Simply mix 2 scoops (1 serve) in 600ml of water in a shaker, shake it up and enjoy! Please note, there is 100mg of caffeine per serve no best to take away from bed time.
  • You can also take ON Amino Energy + Electrolytes during the day as a bit of a pick me up or alternative to coffee.


  • $39.95 (Includes Free Express Shipping!)


  • 30 serves

      Price per Serve 

      • $1.33 / serve


      • Cranberry Lemonade
      • Pineapple Twist
      • Tangerine Wave
      • Watermelon Splash

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