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What is it?

  • MUSASHI NIGHT TIME AMINOS is a scientifically formulated, high performance recovery blend that delivers a matrix of essential Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), conditional amino acids, minerals including zinc and magnesium, as well as calmative herbal extracts.
  • Sleep is a vital aspect of muscle growth and recovery. Night time aminos provides your body with essential nutrients during this natural recovery process and contains passion flower to induce sleep and relieve restlessness* in a great tasting formula.

Musashi Night Time Aminos Benefits

  • Maximum muscle growth with relaxing herbal extracts. This gives you the deep sleep you need for muscle recovery so you can hit the gym the next day in your full potential.
  • Reduction of muscle soreness through a blend of magnesium and zinc. This will make you go harder the next day enhancing strength performance.
  • Decrease of exercise fatigue when you are hitting your maximum weight lifting with a combination of aminos, minerals and herbal extracts.
  • Prevention of muscle breaking down while you sleep. The BCAAs will provide your body with the right amount of nutrients while your body is fasting on your sleep, preventing muscle loss.
  • 100mg of passiflora incarnata great for aiding a restful sleep
  • 100mg of ziziphus jujuba var.spinosa to aid sleeping, digestion and fighting against disease
  • 310mg of magnesium, which helps with muscle soreness and disposing of lactic acid build up from exercise
  • 1g of glutamine for better immune system, which also helps with muscle fatigue and decrease of muscle soreness.
  • 25 micrograms of vitamin D3 to reduce fatigue and improve bone strength.

When should you take it?

  • As the name suggests, Musashi Night Time Aminos should be taken prior to sleep. Simply mix 1 serve with 300ml - 400ml of water and consume!


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  • 20 serves


  • Fruit Punch

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