MAN Sports Game Day



What is it?

  • Over the years, products, ingredients and trends have changed in the supplement world. Pre-workouts are no exception. First it was everything-and-the-kitchen-sink formulas followed by ultra-concentrate tiny scoops. Since then it’s been a mix pot of all different types… stim-crazy, stim-free, full dose, etc… no clear winner. Enter Game Day.

  • The name Game Day is synonymous with innovation in the pre-workout category for energy & athletic performance. This formula doesn’t disappoint.

  • We call it the “big scoop.” Massive doses of each essential ingredient. A specific combination of energy, pump and strength ingredients paramount to a great workout.* “Big scoop” doesn’t just mean cramming anything and everything in. It means maxing out crucial ingredients, not skimping and no unnecessary ingredients to dress up the label. Everything serves a purpose.

MAN Sports Game Day Benefits

  • 3 highly dosed nitric oxide ingredients to enhance nutrient delivery to working muscles resulting in #skinsplitting pumps!
  • A whopping 2g dose of Creatine HCL to enhance muscle power and muscle strength
  • Clinical 3.2g dose of Beta-Alanine to increase endurance and performance during training
  • An incredible 3 ingredient 'mind-muscle connection' cocktail allowing you to really focus on the target muscle you're working
  • Caffeine from natural sources to provide a clean, kick of energy with no crash or jitters
  • Fully transparent, open label so we know exactly what we're getting in each serve!
  • Tastes bloody delicious!!

When should you take it?

  • Game Day should be taken 20 minutes prior to working out. Simply mix 1 scoop with 300ml - 400ml of water, shake it up and enjoy! We suggest taking a 4 week break off Game Day after using it for 8 - 12 consecutive weeks.


  • $79.95 (Includes Free Express Shipping!)


  • 30 serves


  • Pink Lemonade
  • Rainbow Sherbet
  • Sour Batch

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