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What Is It? 

  • International Protein Extreme Carbs has been specifically developed to enhance post-workout glycogen synthesis, improve anabolic recovery and provide a convenient source of energy rich carbohydrates.

  • Glycogen reserves become depleted during physical activities, like weight training or sport, stimulating the body to store glycogen. Glycogen synthesis occurs for 4-6 hours after exercise, with the most rapid rate occurring in the first 2 hours. At this time insulin sensitivity is at its peak so there is an enhanced ability to absorb sugars needed to replenish vital energy reserves. To maximize your recovery, Extreme Carbs provides rapid, moderate and slowly absorbed carbohydrates and a powerful insulin potentiator to help promote glycogen synthesis and maximise insulin sensitivity.

International Protein Extreme Carbs Benefits

  • Comprehensive high energy multi-phase carbohydrate recovery formulation
  • Replenish glycogen levels
  • Enhance muscular endurance & performance
  • Neutral, mild taste so can be added to flavoured drinks such as protein shakes, smoothies etc. without compromising the taste
  • Comes in small & big sizes
  • Contains the unique "Promilin" ingredient that has been related to greater efficiency of glucose transportation to muscles, to assist energy, recovery and muscle growth.  

When Do I Take It?

  • International Protein Extreme Carbs should ideally be taken immediately post-workout to replenish glycogen levels lost during training. Simply mix 80g with 300ml - 400ml of water, mix up and consume. As stated above, you can mix Extreme Carbs with your post-workout shake such as International Protein Amino Charged WPI to really ramp up muscle recovery.


  • 22 serves: Was $54.95, now $44.95 (Includes Free Express Shipping!)
  • 56 serves: Was $84.95, now $74.95 (Includes Free Express Shipping!)

Price per Serve 

  • 22 serves: $2.04 / serve
  • 56 serves: $1.33 / serve


  • Natural

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