Ghost Legend



What Is It? 

  • Boost your exercise performance and unleash the legend inside of you today with Ghost Lifestyle pre-workout Legend. This scientifically formulated supplement has a combination of L-citrulline and agmatine sulphate that will kick your performance to its limit.

  • Legend by Ghost Lifestyle has powerful ingredients that will give you the pump, focus and strength needed to crash your workout. When it comes to a pre-workout that delivers outstanding energy and focus with premium pump ingredients that will live you feeling like a legend whenever you need it most, Legend by Ghost Lifestyle is IT!

Ghost Legend Benefits

  • Increased energy. Having the stamina to crash your workout is essential as you will be able to deliver better power and strength.
  • Boosted focus and concentration, which will provide serious cognitive benefits. Staying in the zone will be no problem when you have this pre-workout.
  • Improved muscle pumps. The combination of l-citrulline and agmatine sulphate will sure deliver some serious pump, so you can look better than ever.
  • Increased strength and power. This supplement will provide nutrients to the muscle fibres, which give help to give you the power and strength needed to smash out your session.
  • Long-last energy without the anxiousness that many pre-workouts can give you.
  • A premium blend of compounds that will deliver 2x more of the stuff you care and need to help you smash your next workout.
  • 4g of L-Citrulline, which will give you the pump to smash out your sensation.
  • 2g of Beta-Alanine, which will provide you with the tingly feeling once it kicks in.
  • 500mg of Agmatine Sulfate, which will give you extra pump when combined with citrulline.
  • 50mg of Olive Leaf Extract, which is a powerful antioxidant that will help to lower body weight.
  • 50mg of Theobromine, which is a mild stimulant that will improve insulin sensitivity.
  • 202mg of Caffeine from Caffeine Anhydrous and Caffeine from DiCaffeine Malate, which will provide a great kick in energy without the crash.

When Do I Take It?

  • Ghost Legend should be taken on workout days only approximately 20 - 30 minutes before working out. Simply mix 1 scoop with 300ml - 600ml of water in a Supps42 shaker, shake it up, and enjoy!

  • We recommend using Ghost Legend for 4 - 8 weeks straight, followed by a 2 - 4 week break.


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    • Sour Green Apple
    • Sour Watermelon

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