Ghost BCAA
Ghost BCAA
Ghost BCAA
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Ghost BCAA

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What Is It? 

  • BCAA by Ghost Lifestyle is a scientifically designed branched-chain amino acids, which will help to build more muscle, reduce muscle fatigue as well as assist with recovery. The blend consists of a 2:1:1 ratio and AstraGin for rapid absorption and utilisation.

  • When we exercise, our body gets depleted, and BCAA by Ghost Lifestyle will help to replenish the nutrients missing for a full recovery and repair of the muscles. The ration of two parts, L-Leucine and one-part L-Isoleucine and L-Valine, will provide the body with the compounds to help prevent muscle breakdown.

  • BCAA by Ghost Lifestyle will give you everything your body needs for optimal muscle recovery, growth and repair after a hard session in the gym. When you exercise, you deplete the body of essential nutrients, by adding branch chained amino acids you will help the body to replenish the nutrients lost for optimal performance in and out of the gym.

Ghost BCAA Benefits

  • Build more muscle as leucine activates muscle protein synthesis pathways in the body, which will stimulate protein synthesis for optimal muscle-building properties.
  • Decrease fatigue and muscle soreness. It’s common to have sore muscles after a strenuous session. Adding BCAA after or during a workout will help to reduce the length of muscle soreness as it reduces the damage in the exercised muscle.
  • Prevent muscle wasting. In the body, 35% of the essential amino acids are found in the muscle protein, and after a strenuous exercise, the muscle protein is broken down and synthesised. This balance determines the amount of protein in the muscle, which is why adding a BCAA will help to replenish the nutrients to prevent muscle wasting.
  • Absorb each compound fast with the added AstraGin, w3hich will make sure you get all the benefits from having a BCAA product
  • 6g of BCAA, which will help with building muscle as well as decrease fatigue and muscle soreness.
  • 25mg of AstraGin, which will help the body to absorb amino acids, protein and glucose more efficiently.
  • Full disclosure label so you know what you are taking in each scoop.

When Do I Take It?

  • The best time to take Ghost BCAA is during your workouts and/or throughout the day. Simply add 1 sccop of Ghost BCAA to a Supps42 shaker full of water and sip on whilst you train / go through your day.


  • $59.95 (Includes Free Express Shipping!) 


  • 30 serves


    • Kiwi Strawberry
    • Lemon Lime

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