GAT Nitraflex + C



What Is It? 

  • Two things necessary for a good workout are optimal testosterone levels and adequate hydration. If either one of these starts to fall short, there will be noticeable changes in your performance and you may find that you have to stop your workout short.

  • Most of us live in a dehydrated state all day. Without enough fluid coming into the body, primarily from water, our strength and endurance is impacted and we are not in position to work as hard as we could.

  • The good news is that Nitraflex + C by German American Techonlogies is here to help change that. This supplement contains a unique blend of ingredients unlike any other products on the market that equips you with what you need prior to each workout session.

GAT Nitraflex + C Benefits

  • Noticeably improved muscle pumps during your workout session. The enhanced vascularity can help you push harder and stay motivated in the gym
  • Improved overall strength and power output levels
  • Increased ability to tolerate fatigue – you’ll go longer when this product is on your side. More reps and sets mean better overall growth and development
  • Improved muscular endurance – you’ll find that you can squeeze out that extra rep when you normally would fall short.
  • Improved energy levels that carry you through until the end of your workout session
  • Testosterone release support – those who use this product may see a natural rise in their testosterone levels

When Do I Take It?

  • GAT Nitraflex + C should be taken 20 minutes prior to working out. Simply mix 1 scoop within 300ml - 500ml of water, mix it up and enjoy. We recommend having a 4 week break off Nitraflex + C after taking it for 8 - 12 consecutive weeks.


  • $69.95 (Includes Free Express Shipping!)


  • 30 serves

Price per Serve 

  • $2.33 / serve


  • Cotton Candy
  • Lemon Lime

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