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What Is It? 

  • When looking at your health as a whole, there is one factor that can make a profound difference to how your body feels and functions. That factor? Gut health.

  • Too many people completely overlook gut health in terms of how well you are functioning and your ability to lose weight, maintain energy, and prevent disease. But yet, it’s there. Whether you like it or not, this is a factor of your health.

  • That’s why you want to get Gut Performance on your side. This product offers a wide range of benefits to ensure that you are going to see nothing but the best gut health possible for the days ahead. While you may have taken other probiotics before, nothing is going to compare to the level of care that you’ll get with Gut Performance by Every Body Every Day.

  • Your gut impacts just about everything that you do. More importantly, your gut health is closely tied to your immune system and when your immune system is not functioning optimally, this is when you will be more likely to fall ill to disease, or at the very least, feel run down and tired. Gut Performance is like the wake-up call that your body needs.

Gut Performance Benefits

  • Improved gut microbiome and higher levels of active healthy probiotics
  • Reduced constipation – improved regularity
  • Relief from IBS symptoms
  • Decreased bloating
  • Lower gas production
  • Decreased gut inflammation, which can also lower total body inflammation
  • Improved blood glucose control after consuming carbohydrates when taken with food
  • Improved athletic performance; better endurance and strength levels
  • Great source of soluble and insoluble fibre to help promote regular bowel movements, lower cholesterol, and improve satiety
  • All natural, no preservatives, colours, or other added ingredients

When Do I Take It?

  • Anytime is a good time to take Gut Performance. If taken with, or close to a meal it will lower the GI (Glycaemic Index) of food. Many customers love it first thing in the morning and many take it at night. It's totally up to you.


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  • 30

Price per serve

  • $2.50 / serve


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