EHP Labs Vegan Fat Burning Stack



What is it?

  • The EHP Labs Vegan Fat Burning Stack combines the most popular and effective fat burner on the planet, EHP Labs Oxyshred, with the incredibly delicious, vegan friendly Blessed Plant Protein.
  • It's perfect for vegans and those who have issues with dairy / lactose, feeling bloated and stomach discomfort after taking a traditional whey protein!

EHP Labs Oxyshred

  • EHP Labs Oxyshred contains a comprehensive blend of clinically trialed ingredients that will help to increase your metabolism, improve your mood, give you better focus, reduce cravings and burn body fat.
  • It contains a real sweet spot of caffeine & stimulants which makes it highly useable and enjoyable for those with both a lower or higher caffeine tolerance, providing a nice, clean energy kick.
  • The product has been designed to kickstart a complex process of super-efficient and enhanced burning of the subcutaneous fat molecules. This breakthrough fat burner was one of the first to include an immunity support network of ingredients. This is important as the body experiences substantial physiological and hormonal changes when it speeds up its metabolism and oxidses fat molecules.
  • If you are in a caloric deficit in regard to your nutrition, EHP Labs Oxyshred has the potential to aid in losing unwanted body fat.

Blessed Plant Protein

  • With no added fillers, no cheaper proteins and no artificial ingredients whatsoever, Blessed Protein is a high-performance protein superfood with delicious flavours, a smooth texture and an extremely high-quality amino acid profile.

  • But that isn’t where Blessed have stopped in their quest to make not only your health better but also our environment. Using 100% recyclable tubs and 100% sustainably sourced pea protein, not only will you feel better using Blessed but you are supporting improved environmental practices as well.

When should you take it?

  • Oxyshred - 20 minutes prior to working out or first thing in the morning as a substitute to your morning coffee
  • Blessed Plant Protein - anytime of the day when you're in need of a high quality source of protein


  • Was $154.90, now $149.95 (Includes Free Express Shipping!)


  • Oxyshred - 60 serves
  • Blessed Plant Protein - 30 serves


  • Oxyshred
    - Guava Paradise
    - Kiwi Strawberry
    - 'Limited Edition' Orange Gummy
    - Mango
    - Passionfruit
    - Pink Grapefruit
    - Wild Melon
  • Blessed Plant Protein
    - Choc Coconut
    - 'Limited Edition' Birthday Cake
    - Salted Caramel
    - Vanilla Chai

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