BSN True Mass 1200



What Is It?

  • BSN True Mass 1200 is high quality mass gaining product purposely built for people with high calorie needs or those who have difficulty putting on and keeping on quality muscle mass. Inside this mass gainer is their signature protein blend coupled with a unique complex carb blend inclusive of ground whole oats to deliver an easy source of high-caloric nutrition. 
  •  As the name suggests, you'll be getting a whopping 1200 calories per serve making this product ideal for those hard gainers or people who have plateaued with their current weight gain goals and looking to add more calories to their diet.
  • It's a perfect option if you're taking BSN True Mass (700 calories per serve) and find your weight is remaining the same.

    BSN True Mass Benefits

    • Sustained release of amino acids (8 hours).
    • Combination of multifunctional proteins and carbohydrates for the day and night.
    • Ideal as post-workout.
    • 6 sources of ultra-premium quality proteins.
    • With digestive enzymes to increase the efficiency of proteins.
    • Contains BCAAs, essential and nonessential amino acids.
    • Glutamine and Glutamine Peptides.
    • Source of fiber.
    • Free of aspartame.
    • Perfect amount of calories (1200) to advance up to if you find your weight gain goals and current weight gainer product has plateaued. 

    When do I take it?

    • With any weight gainer supplement, it's important to take it on top of what you're consuming in regard to your nutrition and not as a substitute. For example, do not replace your breakfast meal with a weight gainer shake. Have your weight gainer shake in addition to your breakfast meal.
    • Because of the high calories per serve, post-workout immediately after training and a second time throughout the day such as mid-morning would be ideal.
    • Use more water than what you normally would due to the serving size.


    • $89.95 (Includes Free Express Shipping!)


    • 16 serves

    Price per Serve 

    • $5.62 / serve


    • Chocolate Milkshake
    • Strawberry Milkshake
    • Vanilla Ice Cream

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