ATP Science Alpha Prime



What Is It? 

  • ATP Science Alpha Prime has been formulated to improve your androgen to estrogen ratio. Increasing the androgen to estrogen ratio enhances fat loss whilst increasing lean muscle mass.

  • Alpha Prime aids in the improvement of your androgen to estrogen ratio via the following mechanisms;
    - The detoxification of estrogen
    - Block estrogen excess at their receptor site
    - Boost anabolic androgens (free testosterone, DHEA & progesterone)
    - Reduce the levels catabolic cortisol from stress

ATP Science Alpha Prime Benefits

  • The detoxification of estrogen and xenoestrogen.
  • The prevention of estrogen build up at receptor sites.
  • The boosting of anabolic androgens such as: free testosterone, DHEA and progesterone.
  • The reduction of catabolic cortisol produced from stress.
  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Enhance unwanted body fat loss

When Do I Take It?

  • 2 capsules, twice a day with breakfast and right before bed We recommend cycling Alpha Prime for 12 weeks on followed by a 4 week break.


  • $89.95 (Includes Free Express Shipping!)

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