The Unit

The Unit

About Us

  • 'We aren't a performance gym and we don't coach athletes. We coach humans, just like you'.
  • The Unit believes everyone can make a lasting, positive change to their life by learning how to move well.
  • The Unit will teach you how to create habits that you can maintain as you begin to understand your body, ensuring members understand the importance of patience and repetition to achieve these goals.


  • The Unit has a wide range of functional tools and equipment used to conduct its fun and challenging sessions. 
  • It utilizes both indoor and outdoor space, creating enough room to train and not make you feel jammed into a small studio.
  • The Unit offers 3 types of sessions;

    1. Strength: a traditional strength and technique session. The goal is to get stronger in the safest way possible.
    2. Conditioning: this session can vary from interval training, strength endurance training to straight-up cardio. The goal of this session is to increase your work output.
    3. Smash: High, intensity fun, group-based session for all fitness levels.

The crew working hard through a 10min AMRAP to finish off a tough Thursday session 💪🏼 #fitness #gym #workout #coach #personaltrainer #cardio #wearetheunit


  • The Unit offer a wide range of different memberships, all catered to you and your needs.
  • For further info on memberships, it's best to contact the club directly and speak to the owner Matt. He will be able to select the right membership for you and answer any further questions you may have.


  • The Unit is run by Matt Bevacqua. Matt has years of experience and simply loves what he does.
  • Matt is extremely passionate, motivated and dedicated to helping anyone with their health and fitness goals.

Staffed Hours

  • The Unit's hours vary through the week due to the different times sessions are held. It is best to use the below timetable as a reference to see when staff will be in.


Location & Contact

  • The Unit is located at;
    5 McEacharn Place Mitchell, ACT, 2911
  • 04 08 639 053 or