Teeghan Louise

Teeghan Louise is Supps42 first female sponsored athlete! Look up "hard working", "inspiring" and "determined" in the dictionary and the above photo will surely show up!

Teeghan can be found at her home away from home, Ascend Strength & Fitness in Gungahlin, ACT, working on her goal of becoming an IFBB Bikini Pro. Supps42 are so fortunate to have someone of Teeghan's caliber join the team as a sponsored athlete and are super excited to be there when she achieves her goal!

Get to know Teeghan!


  • 30


  • Advisory Consultant

Years Training

  • '5 years strength training, 15 years dance and gymnastics'.

Training Goal

  • 'I am working towards becoming an IFBB Bikini Pro. Every workout counts! But regardless of the future goal, everyday in the gym I aim to be stronger. Would love to hip thrust 200kg one day!'

Go to Cheat Meal

  • 'BIG burgers and sweet potato fries, with a side of Ben and Jerry's ice-cream'

Favourite Supps42 Supp

  • 'REDCON1 Big Noise in Strawberry Kiwi  is my favourite. As I workout late in the evening I steer clear of stimulants. Big Noise gives me an epic pump, and the increased energy I need to push through a massive workout without the caffeine. Taste amazing too.

Competition Achievements

  • 'Since 2017 I have consistently placed top 5 in IFBB Bikini categories, including at the Arnold's Sports Festival. Prior to IFBB, I was a nationally ranked fitness model in the INBA'.

Favourite Exercise and Why?

  • 'Eccentric lateral delt raise. Shoulders are my favourite to workout, and I enjoy the burn that comes from constant tension in the muscle

What Gym Would We Find You Training At? 

  • 'Ascend Strength and Fitness in Gungahlin, ACT'

One Piece of Fitness Advice from Teeghan

  • 'Don't over think it all. It's as simple as finding exercises that you enjoy, being consistent with it and eating well. Forget fad diets, or quick fixes - create a lifestyle you love and can live with everyday of your life!'

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

  • 'Competing on the international stage as an IFBB Bikini Pro. I hope to be balancing my love for fitness with my corporate career. You can do both!' 

Who are your role models and why?

  • 'Narmin Assria, an IFBB Bikini Pro. She really inspires me to go for what I want in life, fitness related or not. She never lets a setback stop her from achieving her goals.
  • 'There are also a lot of strong women in my life that I look up to for so many reasons. Mum, coach, my sister, my best friends; they excel at what they do, they strive to be better people and they constantly remind me to live in the moment.'
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