Supps42 Taste Testings


  • Supps42 taste testings are more than just bringing a bunch of products in that look pretty for members to try.
  • We love engaging, educating, having fun and finding out exactly why people are training and how supplementation may assist them in achieving those goals.
  • Ask us questions, the more the better. Taste as many products as want, take as many samples as you like. We offer honest, no BS info.
  • You won't see the same brand of products at our taste testings either. We don't bring "home brands" in because they give us more money like most supplement retailers. We bring a wide-range of different products from different brands in specifically for the type of training and goals each gym's members are trying to achieve. We also make an effort to highlight the facilities and services the gyms we work with offer. We want to give back to the gyms for allowing us to taste test within their club and say thank you for their on-going support.
  • Supps42 were at Fit n Fast Belconnen, ACT taste testing a range of our high quality, delicious products and were fortunate enough to film their fun, functional and challenging QMAX classes as well. Check it out below!
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  • Video: Daniel Abroguena

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