Sophie Cappello

Another bikini champion, another Supps42 sponsored athlete! We are so proud to support and sponsor Sophie as she works her butt off day in, day out over in Adelaide, South Australia. Sophie's passion, drive and commitment is truly inspiring and will motivate just about anyone to continue working toward their goals.

We know it's just a matter of time until this talented individual achieves her goal of becoming a Bikini Pro within ANB, emphasizing that consistency, patience and hard work always prevails!

Get to know Sophie!


  • 26


  • Education Recruitment Team Leader

Years Training

  • 4 years strength training

Training Goal 

  • 'I am currently reversing out of competition prep with my sights set on competing in Ms Fitness and my state ANB show in season B 2019. In the meantime I am also undertaking compound training with the goal of entering my first power lifting meet in 2019'

Go to Cheat Meal 

  • 'A greasy burger and krispy kreme'

Favourite Supps42 Supp 

  • 'EHP labs Oxyshred as it gives me a much needed boost for early morning training sessions and Rule 1 protein for the amazing flavours and macro breakdown as a lean whey for my competition prep'.

Competition Achievements 

  • 2017
    - 4th Place Bikini Open at Natural Bodz Asia Pacific QLD
  • 2018
    - 1st Place Bikini Novice and 3rd Place Bikini Open WFF SA
    - 2nd Place Theme Wear, 3rd Place Bikini Open and 5th Place Bikini Beginner ANB SA 

Favourite Exercise and Why? 

  • 'Dead lift and supine glute thrust. Compound movements are my go to as I like to increase these lifts strength wise and I enjoy being able to push my lower body to the next level'.

What Gym Would We Find You Training At?

  • 'Anytime Fitness Findon, SA;

One piece of fitness advice from Sophie

  • 'To be patient and consistent, don't over complicate your training and diet and find something that works for you and your lifestyle that is going to be maintainable and enjoyable'.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

  • 'Enjoying a balanced life between my fitness goals and goals outside of fitness. Hopefully gracing the stage as a bikini pro within ANB'.

Who are your role models and why?

  • 'My coach Kristina Angeli, she has shown me how to live a balanced lifestyle in and out of competition prep through IIFYM and by being determined and driven you can reach your goals. She has always inspired me to chase my goals fitness related or not'.
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