Xtend BCAA's VS EHP Labs Beyond BCAA

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  • This week's 'This or That' article, we will be comparing two of the most popular BCAA supplements on the market today, Xtend BCAA's & EHP Labs Beyond BCAA.
  • Both Xtend & Beyond BCAA are not new products, having been around for a number of years. They are however, the two top selling leaders in BCAA & intra-workout supplementation & we thought it'd be fun to find out which would win when compared against one another.
  • As mentioned, both products are BCAA supplements which you can sip on during your workout and/or throughout the day. They will both help with endurance & performance as well as aid in muscle recovery & muscle growth.
  • We will put both supps through 4 rounds, awarding one point to whichever product comes out on top. The BCAA supplement that has the most amount of points at the end will be declared our winner.
  • The 4 rounds are;
    1) Ingredients & nutritional breakdown
    2) Flavours & taste
    3) Value for money
    4) Effects

Round 1 - Ingredients & nutritional breakdown

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  • When looking at the Xtend label above, we can see right off the bat you get a whopping 7 grams of BCAA's per serve in the trialed & tested 2:1:1 ratio. The clinical & most common dosage found in most BCAA products are 5 grams per serve.
  • Most BCAA products will stop there however Xtend has gone above and beyond and included a few other ingredients such as Citrulline Malate, L-Glutamine (2.5 grams!) & electrolytes to further aid in endurance, performance & hydration. 
  • A common concern with Xtend, which we will discuss in flavours & taste, is how sweet some of the flavours are. Because they are sweet, people believe lots of sweeteners and fillers have been added. This theory can be dismissed immediately simply by doing a few quick calculations. 
  • A serve size is 12.8g. If you add up the total amounts of the active ingredients, it comes out to 11.62g. Divide 11.62 by 12.8 then multiply by 100 which equals 90.78%. This simply means, 90.78% per serve of Xtend are your active ingredients, the remaining 9.22g are other ingredients! 

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  • When looking at the Beyond BCAA label, we can see you'll only get 5 grams of BCAA's per serve, lower than the 7 grams found in Xtend. With that said, you do get more electrolytes, 50% more Citrulline Malate, 0.5g of Alpha HICA which is a metabolite of leucine and a full B Vitamin Complex. 
  • It admittedly is an impressive formula, however we simply can't dismiss the higher amount of BCAA's found in Xtend plus a solid 2.5g of Glutamine and the other bits and pieces Xtend offers. The original formula has been around for years & hasn't been changed emphasizing the quality and effectiveness this product offers.

Round 2 - Flavours & Taste

  • Xtend currently comes in 13 flavours (all available through Supps42!) - blood orange, blue raspberry, freedom ice (which is like an American popsicle inspired flavour), fruit punch, grape, green apple, lemon lime, mango, pineapple, pink lemonade, strawberry kiwi, strawberry mango, tangerine & watermelon.
  • Beyond BCAA currently comes in 6 - paradise fruits, pineapple, passionfruit, mango, kiwi strawberry & strawberry daiquiri. 
  • As touched on above, some of the Xtend flavours, in our opinion are quite sweet and not as enjoyable to sip on during your workout as others. Similarity, there are also a few Beyond BCAA flavours that fall victim to the same problem. 
  • The fact Xtend does have over double the amount of flavours and options to choose from than Beyond BCAA, leads us to give the round to them. Consumers have more variety and choice with the chances of finding more than 1 flavour you'll love being higher than choosing from just 6.
  • Grape, blood orange, strawberry kiwi & mango are the best Xtend flavours in our opinion. Pineapple & Mango are the best Beyond BCAA flavours in our opinion!

Round 3 - Value for money

  • Customers have the option to go for a 30 serve or big 90 serve Xtend tub. 30 serves through Supps42 go for $59.95 ($2.00 / serve) where as 90 serve tubs retail for $99.95 ($1.11 / serve).
  • Beyond BCAA comes in the one 50 serve tub for $59.95 which equals $1.20 / serve.
  • Again, we are giving this round to Xtend. The 90 serve option does workout cheaper by 9 cents plus they have given customers further choice to get a smaller tub to try different flavours or to satisfy those who don't want to spend $100 right off the bat.
  • We know Beyond BCAA is cheaper compared to the 30 serve Xtend but again we are looking at it from a customer point of view in having options to literally cater for everyone's different needs in regard to price point, buying in bulk and trying different flavours.

Round 4 - Effects

  • Xtend has completely demolished Beyond BCAA, leading 3 - 0 and winning the 'This or That' article this week. However we thought we'd still discuss the effects just for fun so you know a little bit about what to expect if you decide to train on them.
  • As mentioned right at the top, both products are BCAA / intra-workout supplements so should primarily be sipped on during your sessions to help with endurance, performance & muscle recovery. 
  • We honestly feel we can train harder for longer sipping on Xtend throughout our workouts. Whether its the extra BCAA's, the Glutamine or simply placebo effect, we found our workouts were more intense  & endurance was higher. 
  • Muscle recovery was also greater using Xtend in conjunction with a higher protein diet. We sipped on it throughout the day as well as during our workouts and found muscle soreness was decreased sooner than usual.
  • We still had great workouts using Beyond BCAA but when comparing the performance & how we generally felt using Xtend, it again has to win this round. 
  • Everything mentioned within this article are the views and opinions expressed by Supps42 staff. You may have a completely different experience and opinion. Both are the market leaders in BCAA / intra-workout supplementation with whatever one you choose being high quality and definitely worth the investment!

Overall Winner

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