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Ryse Supplements are a relatively new company that burst onto the supplement world a couple of years ago releasing their flagship product, Ryse Pre-Workout.

They have increased their brand awareness and existence by signing popular MMA boxer Conor McGregor as the face of the company, promoting the line of supplements and preaching their quality and high standard.

When Supps42 first started in September 2018, Ryse supplements were literally one of the first brands and products we wanted to stock and make available immediately. It's not a well-known brand here in Australia yet the quality and effectiveness of these supplements are truly game changing and something we wanted you guys to experience.

After a short stint on the sidelines, Ryse is back at Supps42! We can't wait for you to read the article and hopefully try these supplements we love and enjoy!

Nutritional Panel & Ingredients

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The first and most obvious highlight of this panel is the fact it's completely transparent and not hidden in any type of blend. You all know Supps42 hate proprietary blends and are thrilled to see Ryse have a full open label for us consumers to know exactly what we're putting into our bodies.

By having an open label we can do some quick math to work out the percentage of how many active ingredients to flavours, sweeteners and other bits & pieces there are. If you add up all the ingredients it equates to 14.59g! Then divide this by the scoop size (16.5g) before multiplying by 100 = 88.42%. This basically means that 88.42% of the product are all active ingredients to help with energy, endurance, pump etc. with the remaining 11.58% being flavours & sweeteners. This is absolutely ridiculous for a pre-workout supplement!! A huge highlight right off the bat and something that has already put Ryse in a league of its own above the rest! 

The biggest take home point with Ryse's pre-workout label is the fact it's a complete stand alone formula and not a generic cookie cutter one we see in so many other pre trainers. A lot of companies these days actually copy one another's formula and add the exact same dosages of the exact same ingredients #yawn 

Ryse has actually shown some innovation and have put the time and effort into researching different ingredients, their amounts, their effects and how they work in synergism with one another to create the ultimate experience for us the consumer. 

The other biggest talking point about Ryse pre-workout is the inclusion of 4 different mental focus enhancing ingredients (L-Tyrosine, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Citicholine & Huperzia Serrata Extract) all dosed at their most efficacious amounts. This is what really separates Ryse pre-workout from every other pre trainer on the market in our eyes. Most pre trainers tend to load up on caffeine and stimulants or pump and endurance ingredients and often neglect the mental focus component of a pre workout. 

With that said, Ryse do include ingredients for energy, pumps, endurance and muscle power, so it's not like anything is missing. #completepreworkout

Flavours & Taste

Ryse Pre Workout currently comes in 3 flavours;

  1. Candy Watermelon
  2. Electric Lemonade
  3. Pink Blast

HOLY SH*T!!! Is the best way to sum how how they taste! The fact they only contain 11% flavours and sweeteners yet taste the way they do is simply incredible!! 

They have like a carbonated / soft drink feel so electric lemonade, legit tastes like a soft drink lemonade. This is something completely different to most pre-workouts, again making itself stand out from the rest. Candy Watermelon is legit like a watermelon flavoured lolly and Pink Blast is a delicious pink starburst / strawberry flavour!

Another cool thing about Ryse is that they use no artificial colours in their products so you're not drinking some bright blue fluro tonic looking concoction. If we had to rank the flavours we're definitely putting the lemonade first, pink blast second and candy watermelon last. 

How does it mix?

With so many active ingredients, you will need to use a shaker to mix the pre workout up. Add 12 ounces (354ml) of water and a scoop of Ryse together before shaking it up.

We will mention that because it does have a carbonated, soft drink feel, pressure does build up within the shaker so it's best to give it a light shake, open your cap (you'll hear a 'pop' sound), close the cap, shake again, open the cap and so on. It is a little annoying however we learnt the hard way if you don't do this, pressure will continue to build up until it literally explodes everywhere!!

Once it is mixed, there are no clumps, sinkers or any other nasties floating around. Mixes up perfectly!

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The effects

Straight off the bat the mental focus is fu*king amazing!!! It's no surprise due to the additions of those 4 ingredients we touched on above that the mental focus is incredible.Those 4 ingredients work so well in unison together and really dial you in for your workout. You don't care about your surrounds or other people and what they're doing. All you think about and focus on is the task at hand you have in front of you!

It would really benefit those individuals who struggle with that 'mind-muscle connection'. For example, if you find you struggle to really engage your chest when doing pressing movements and that your front delts tend to take over, the mental focus ingredients found within Ryse will really help you focus on connecting, contracting and using your chest throughout the movement. 

The energy is so clean & crisp! The product's not loaded up with a heap of stimulants just a nice kick of caffeine to get you going. The cool thing about Ryse's energy is that it's consistent and continual. Most pre workouts will give you this massive spike of energy before crashing down. Ryse gives you that spike but maintains it throughout your workout before slowly tapering off over time.

The pumps are there but they aren't 'skin-splitting' or too crazy. You could stack Ryse with another non stimulant, pump product if muscle pumps is something you really want and love. Endurance is also there but honestly would recommend Ryse pre-workout for short, sharp workouts rather than long endurance based training.

Muscle power and strength is about the same using the product. You won't feel too much of a difference and it's nothing worth getting really excited over. 

Major Cons

The biggest major con with Ryse Pre-Workout is the price per serve ($4.00). This is significantly higher than it's competitors with most pre trainers hovering around the $1.50 - $3.00 per serve range. You only get 20 serves or 20 workouts using the product, again not lasting as long as other pre trainers.

With that said, the reason why it's more expensive is due to the inclusion of those mental focus ingredients. They aren't cheap and costs a fair bit even if you wanted to purchase them as stand alone products.

The other con is the fact that if you don't release the pressure when shaking the product it will explode everywhere, effectively making you lose $4.00 and precious gains!!


Overall, Ryse has done an incredible job with releasing a completely different and innovative pre-workout to the current crop on the market. They could have easily done another generic, cookie cutter pre but actually took the initiative and time to research and manufacture something completely different.

The most noticeable effects is of course the incredible mental focus plus the clean, constant supply of energy during your workout. They do have other ingredients for pumps, endurance and muscle power but they aren't as prominent as the focus and energy.

The taste is simply amazing considering there's only 11% flavours and sweeteners, giving consumers a real enjoyable delicious pre trainer to consume prior to working out. It has a unique carbonated / soft drink taste which is so refreshing and again different to the other pre workouts. 

The price per serve is higher but in our eyes for what you receive with the product, is definitely worth the money. We would rather spend $4 per serve to get 20 incredible, high quality workouts that takes our goals to the next level than spend $2.33 per serve and get generic same old maintenance based training sessions!

As always, everyone's different so if you do find Ryse Pre Workout isn't for you, take advantage of our 3 scoop or less service and exchange it for something else. We'll happily use it ourselves! #giveitago

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