Regine Irish

Dental assistant and receptionist 9am to 5pm, dedicated gym junkie and bikini competitor morning and night, Regine Irish is our Muscle Nation loving, Supps42 sponsored athlete we love supporting here in Canberra.

Regine has been weight training for just under 10 years however has decided to take that next challenge of putting on the heels and stepping on stage this year in March. Regine's often seen on her Instagram working her butt off day in, day out first thing in the morning before work, emphasizing her dedication and commitment to health and fitness.

Supps42 are extremely proud to have someone of Regine's work ethic rep us and look forward to seeing what she brings to the stage!

Get to know Regine


  • 28


  • Dental Assistant & Receptionist 

Years Training:

  • 'I have been weight training for just under 10years. I had a couple of years where I was not as consistent with attending the gym, around the time my son was born'.

Training Goal

  • 'I am currently on prep for my first bikini competition. I will be competing at the ICN ACT comp in March 2019. 
    I would love to place, but just to make it on stage would be all I need'.

Go to Cheat Meal

  • 'Ooh, can I pick 3? Haha. 
    They would have to be Halo Halo (Filipino dessert), donuts and Kingsleys chicken'.

Favourite Supps42 Supp

  • 'Ghost lifestyle BCAA's in Kiwi Strawberry would have to be the best tasting BCAA's I've ever had. Not to mention that it keeps me super hydrated during my gym sessions'.

Competition Achievements

  • 'I am currently on prep for my first bikini competition'.

Favourite Exercise and Why?

  • 'It would have to be a tie between the Barbell squat and deadlift. I love compound movements and have really seen a great improvement in my overall strength and composition since incorporating these regularly into my workouts'.

What Gym Would We Find You Training At?

  • 'Club lime kippax & braddon, ACT'.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

  • 'I hope to have competed in multiple comps with possibly a shot at a pro card... Haha who knows what will happen right! 
    I do however, hope that in 5 years time, I will be moving forward with my health and fitness lifestyle and am able to provide inspiration to others in any way possible'.

Who are your role models and why?

  • 'My biggest role model would have to be Paige Reilly, IFBB pro in the US.
    She has a heart of gold and is so down to earth. I watch her bikini prep videos and am amazed at how much she has achieved due to her determination and dedication'.


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