Redcon1 Total War Review

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  • Redcon1 Total War


  • Pre-workout 

Price & serves

  • $79.95 / 30 serves 

Price per serve

  • $2.67 / serve 


Redcon1 burst onto the supplement scene a couple of years ago and haven't looked back since. They are by far the fastest growing supplement company right now and will continue to grow in the near future.

Founded by supplement entrepreneur Aaron Singerman (best known for owning and running other supplement companies such as Blackstone Labs, Dynamik Muscle etc.), it's no wonder Redcon1 has achieved the success it has in it's short tenure. A lot of this has to do with the release of one of their first products, pre-workout Total War!

Nutritional Panel

Like any other product, the first thing we need to determine when looking at a nutritional panel is how much of the product are actually active ingredients that will help your performance and how much are just bits and pieces to make it taste nice and look pretty.

To do this, simply add up the total amounts of each ingredient (11.78g) and divide this by the serve size (12.9) before multiplying by 100. The answer, 91.3 which simply means per serve, you'll be getting 91.3% active ingredients! For a pre-workout this is on the 'amazing' level and something we very rarely see.

Total War's label is completely transparent also and is not in a proprietary blend, allowing us to know exactly what we're getting. This plus the fact we get 91.3% actives per serve, a big tick from us! 


One of the main reasons for Redcon1's quick success is the fact that they've added full clinical dosages of ingredients into their pre-workout that literally covers everything such as energy, performance, pump, strength and mental focus.

Most pre-workouts will either have their ingredients listed in a 'blend' where we don't even know the actual amounts, or will be severely under-dosed and won't really do what they have been added for.

Total War is one the firsts who changed all this and gave the consumer a fully dosed, transparent, complete pre-workout. With the success of this, several other companies are now copying Redcon1 and changing their pre-workouts to include full dosages also. If you'd like to know what each individual ingredient does, click on this link https://examine.com/

Flavours & taste

Being 91.3% active ingredients, it doesn't really leave much room to add other ingredients that will make the product taste nice. It's an immediate concern when you first realize just how highly dosed this product is.

With that said, Redcon1 have somehow made Total War taste just as good as any other pre-workout on the market. It's not chalky, it's not grainy and it doesn't taste terrible. As it stands here in Australia, there are currently 10 flavours to choose from;

  1. Blue Lemonade
  2. Blue Raspberry
  3. Cotton Candy
  4. Green Apple
  5. Orange Crush
  6. Rainbow Candy
  7. Sour Gummy Bear
  8. Strawberry Kiwi
  9. Strawberry Mango
  10. Watermelon
Blue lemonade, orange crush and strawberry kiwi are by far the most delicious in our opinion. Cotton candy, rainbow candy and sour gummy bear (basically the candy inspired flavours) are the worst. For us they are simply too sweet! 

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    How does it mix?

    When mixed in a shaker or a glass of water with a spoon, there are little bits and pieces that do sink to the bottom. This is expected due to the high amounts of active ingredients contained within this pre-workout. Another shake or stir before drinking again and it'll be fine.


      Perhaps the main reason why this is one of the best selling pre-workouts on the market today comes down to the product's effects. Let's face it, this why you buy pre-workouts in the first place!

      The energy is clean, lasts a couple of hours and then tapers off slowly. It's a good kick and something that won't leave you with a post-workout crash. As with all pre-workouts, it's best first to try half a scoop to assess your tolerance.

      The pumps are ridiculous being no surprise with full dosages of L-Citrulline Malate & Agmatine Sulfate, two of the most popular and effective pump inducing ingredients out there.

      Warning! You will itch being on Total War!!! This is due to the massive 3.2g of beta-alanine they have included. The itchiness is perfectly harmless however some people can't stand it. Keep in mind though that beta-alanine does increase performance and endurance which is definitely evident whilst training.

      It looks amazing on paper and it certainly lives up to that when put into practice. Effects are incredible!

      Any cons?

      • Some of the flavours aren't as good as the others.
      • May be too much caffeine for some people to take
      • You'll definitely itch and feel the beta-alanine on Total War which some people do not like


      Those cons are literally the only issues we found when reviewing Redcon1 Total War. As you can see, they are literally minor negatives on an overall positive pre-workout. It's one of the first ever 'complete' pre-workouts that contains full, transparent dosages of some amazing ingredients to help with your workouts.

      It's that popular and that effective that other supplement companies are now changing the formulas of their pre-workouts to look very similar to Total War's. At $2.33 a serve, we feel it's incredibly good value for money as you're pretty much getting 2 products in one compared to the limited ingredients contained in other pre-workouts on the market.

      If you feel your workouts aren't at the intensity you'd like, Redcon1 Total War is definitely something we'd recommend to help you train at a more elite level!

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