Q & A - The Best Pre Workout / Fat Burner

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The Question

'What's the best pre workout and fat burner you guys have?'

Do I need a pre trainer?

The first question you should ask yourself before shopping for pre workouts and fat burners is, 'do you even need one?'. Even though we sell a large variety of both, we strongly believe no one needs at them at all. 

Ideally, we should have enough natural energy each and every day to be able to go into the gym and complete a workout. Whether this is provided through a good, nutritious whole food meal before training, a good night's sleep etc. we shouldn't have to rely on caffeine or stimulants to get the job done! With that said, we completely understand this is a lot easier said than done and we're not living in a fantasy world, we live in the real world!

We all have work, family commitments, travel, have sh*tty sleep, don't have time to eat etc. so know having consistent energy each day is a struggle. Caffeine / stimulant based pre trainers are designed for those individuals who basically need a good kick in the butt when severe energy levels have dropped. You may have had a long day at the office, slept badly the night before, physically and mentally drained from personal issues etc. yet have specific health and fitness goals you want to maintain and achieve. 

These supplements should be looked at as tools to get you into the gym and keep you on track with your training regime. They are there to provide a much needed energy kick to ensure your workouts are intense and high quality. 

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