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The Question

  • 'What's the difference between the old Oxyshred and the new Oxyshred?'

The Answer

It's no secret that EHP Lab's Oxyshred is by far the most popular and best selling fat burner in Australia, however you may have noticed recently that the old label has changed into a brand new label! With this external change comes a couple of new and exciting internal changes too which we will detail below!

No artificial colours or flavours

The first change EHP have made to their formula, is removing all artificial colours and flavours from the product, effectively making the product 'all natural'. Fortunately, this change hasn't affected the taste or quality of Oxyshred, still providing consumers with that delicious, taste tingling experience we all know and love!

3 new ingredients

EHP have added 3 brand new ingredients to make the formula even better than the original!

  1. Synephrine - is an extract from bitter orange that will boost your thermogensis and energy without increasing your heart rate.
  2. Hydroxycitric Acid - the addition of this ingredient will actually block an enzyme the body produces that converts carbs that you eat from becoming fat on the body.
  3. Huperzine A - works synergistically with the existing ingredients taurine, tyrosine and acetyl l-carnitine to help with cognitive function to get through that diet more effectively throughout the day as well as increased blood flow to the brain so you've got more focus.

So you're burning more calories without getting the heart rate up, you're blocking carbs from becoming fat on the body and you're increasing your cognitive function! Pretty impressive additions to the already impressive formula!

What's been removed?

EHP have also taken out the ingredient Higenamine. Higenamine was recently listed with WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and ASADA (Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority) as a banned substance, thus making Oxyshred completely fine to take when you're prepping for drug-tested competition or if you're competing in high-level sport.


So those are the changes and differences between the new Oxyshred and the old Oxyshred. They've changed the label to make it more aesthetically and physically appealing, they've included those 3 new, awesome ingredients, they've made it all natural with no artificial colours or flavours and to top it off, have removed the banned substance Higenamine making it perfect to use for literally everyone!


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