Q & A - Home Workouts

The Question

  • 'Hey guys, with all gyms around the country closed indefinitely, I was wondering if you had any at home workouts / exercise ideas you could share?'

The Answer

Unfortunately, the Australian government has closed all gyms around the country in a bid to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Although a positive intent, it leaves many gym goers without an outlet to exercise and for many, relieve stress / escape the daily grind of life. As a result, we've seen a huge spike in brand new, at home gyms being created with many raiding their local K-Mart or Big W for gym equipment to use during this period.

Making the initial transition from a commercial gym with a wide range of machines and equipment (as well as trainers to guide and motivate you), to then working out in the confines of your own home with very limited, if any equipment at all, is quite the challenge. This article is aimed to provide some quick and easy tips to hopefully make this transition a little bit more smoother and provide some creative ideas you might want to incorporate into your own at-home training.


The first thing you'll require for your home workouts is space! An area where you can dedicate the next few months to working out in each and every day. Already, this will vary from individual to individual. Some will be fortunate enough to have a courtyard / backyard to train in, others might have an actual empty, spare room within their home, some may even be lucky enough to have a garage to workout in. For others, it's most likely going to be the living room (especially if you're in an apartment like myself!).

Once you establish some kind of sufficient space to train in, that's where you can start looking at different types of equipment and tools to perform your exercises with.

Home Gym Equipment

Like space, this again will vary from individual to individual. With so many job losses, financial factors definitely come into play as to what type of equipment to purchase, if any at all! Training goals will also be a major factor as to the type of equipment to look at. Eg someone who does circuit F45 style training, might have a different looking shopping cart to your 'bro bodybuilder' who just wants to maintain their gainz!! Below are some general ideas as to what you might want to look into. The quantity will obviously depend on your budget.

  • Dumbbells - a set of dumbbells is definitely something I'd recommend looking at first. Mainly due to their versatility in the range of different exercises you can perform, plus the added resistance to body weight movements. You can just opt for a single set of  5kg, 10kg dumbbells etc. if you want (like these - https://www.kmart.com.au/product/5kg-dumbbell/694803), however I'd honestly suggest looking at a kit where you can manually add weight plates, basically giving you a range of different dumbbell weights thus giving you the ability to adjust accordingly to different exercises and goals. Not to mention, it's a lot easier to store than having multiple sets of dumbbells sitting around the house. Something like this would be perfect  - https://www.kmart.com.au/product/dumbbell-set/698327
  • Resistance bands
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