Q & A - 'Fat Burning' Protein Powders

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The Question

  • 'Do fat burning protein powders actually work?'

What are they?

'Fat burning' protein powders are protein powder supplements marketed towards individuals looking to lose unwanted body fat. They are effectively a protein blend (blend of fast, medium & slow digesting protein sources) combined with ingredients commonly found in fat burners / thermogenic supplements such as L-Carnitine that can assist you in losing weight.

Absolute Waste of Money

That's what these products are, absolute rubbish! The amount of fat burning ingredients within these protein powders aren't nearly dosed or at an amount to do a thing in your body! It's as if the company making these protein powders has sprinkled a tiny bit of thermogenic ingredients into the tub, just like you would when you'd season a steak with salt & pepper, slapped a pretty label on the tub then brought it to market. 

L-Carnitine is one of the most if not the most popular ingredient found in most fat burners & thermogenics. It's also one of the main ingredients included in these protein powders. The most efficacious dosage of L-Carnitine is 1 GRAM - 2 GRAM per serve which is reinforced through the dosage of any stand alone L-Carnitine supplement and the amounts included in most fat burners. 

If you look at the below 'fat burning' protein powder label, you'll see the dosage of L-Carnitine is only 72mg per serve, less than a tenth of the clinical 1g - 2g dose. Literally just a sprinkle of it! 72mg of L-Carnitine will do literally f*ck all!!

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The Loop Hole

Because L-Carnitine is technically in the product (even if it's just a sprinkle), companies are now allowed to promote the benefits of that ingredient all over their product label and within their marketing. This is how loosely the supplement industry is regulated unfortunately! L-Carnitine metabolizes unwanted body fat, assisting us in losing weight. With this in mind & the fact the company technically does have L-Carnitine in their protein, they can now say things like;

  • 'Burn fat, get ripped'
  • 'Tone & shape your body'
  • 'Get lean & lose weight'
  • 'Define your body'

Among many other slogans. It's this loop hole that supplement brands are taking advantage of to maximize as much profit & money possible at the expense of you & your needs!

Most 'fat burning' protein powders are priced higher then your usual blends & marketed as these advanced, unique products because of the addition of the thermogenic ingredients. They are sold as being far 'superior' than your normal blends and are much better options for those individuals looking to lose body fat (which let's face it, is pretty much everyone!)

General knowledge dictates we simply don't know what the most efficacious or clinical dosage of supplement ingredients are, thus put our faith & most importantly, trust, into the supplement companies we buy from & the sales staff selling them. We go to these people wanting advice as to which products can assist us in losing body fat, thinking the information they're telling us is the truth.

If you've ever been recommended one of these 'fat burning' protein powders to help you lose weight, you've effectively been lied to with that individual only caring about squeezing as much money out of you possible rather than help you with your training goals!

Several Different Types

Beware that these 'fat burning' protein powders do come in a number of different types & varieties yet ultimately contain the same type of bullsh*t as all the others. The most common are protein powders marketed towards women. You know, the ones in the pretty pink tubs with the beautiful pink writing, words like 'tone up', tighten your body', 'for women' & usually sponsored by some #fitspo Insta girl? Yeah those ones! 

They'll make a video or get on YouTube wearing next to nothing and be like 'OMG you guys, this protein is so delicious. It's the only one I use! It contains all these incredible ingredients to help you lose weight & get toned up! It's so yummy like OMG!'

Sad to say, girls who look up to these sponsored individuals actually believe what they're saying and ultimately think 'If I take that, I'll look like her', or 'If she takes it, it must be good' then go and waste their money on the product. Don't fall for this crap & flush your hard earned dollars down the toilet!!

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Another reason why 'fat burning' protein powders are a complete gimmick & utter bullsh*t is how they are applied in terms of usage makes absolute no sense! 

Most fat burning & thermogenic ingredients like L-Carnitine for example, are best taken 20 minutes prior to working out right? I mean these are the ingredients that are encouraging our bodies to utilize stored body fat whilst we train.

The most common time to take a protein powder is immediately post-workout due to its easy convenience & fast absorption allowing us to commence the recovery process straight away. So combining the two into one product really doesn't make sense. Why would I want a sprinkle of L-Carnitine & other fat burning ingredients AFTER I workout? Why would I want to down a protein shake into my belly 20 minutes before working out & not get nearly enough thermo ingredients to do anything? 

Simply doesn't make sense!!

The Solution

So what is the best protein powder to take if I want to lose some weight? Protein blends. Simple. Just a lean blend of fast, medium & slow digesting protein sources is what we recommend. The medium & slower digesting sources will keep you fuller for longer through the day & prevent you from snacking on things you shouldn't. They're extremely versatile to take anytime of the day such as immediately post-workout, before bed, with your breakfast etc plus are extremely good value for money (most hover around the $1.20 - $3.00 per serve range).

L-Carnitine & all the other fat burning ingredients are much better utilized when they are bought as a stand alone product or dosed at the right amounts in an actual fat burner / thermogenic supplement. 

We really hope this has opened your eyes to the gimmick & bullsh*t that is 'fat burning' protein powders, 'women's shape & tone proteins', 'lean & ripped proteins' & all the other ridiculous names out there. If you see these type of products advertised online, via social media or even in your local supplement store, just know the sellers are trying to pull the wool over your eyes & sell you a tub of lies!!

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