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The Question?

  • 'Do fat burners work?'

What are they?

Fat burners or thermogenics, are supplements that contain a wide-range of ingredients that have the potential to assist you in losing unwanted body fat.

    Calorie deficit

    In order to lose weight, your body first needs to be in a calorie deficit. This simply means, you're caloric output is greater then your caloric input. For example, let's say throughout my day, my output (walking, training at the gym etc,) is 3000 calories in total.

    My body now requires 3000 calories worth of food (fuel) to match this demand. If I only provided my body with 2600 calories worth of food each day, my body would be like 'hey buddy, I still need 400 calories worth of fuel to match this 3000 calorie demand you're putting on me every day'.

    Because it's not getting it from food, it will then look for another alternate fuel source to burn off, body fat! It's like we need 100kms worth of fuel (input) to drive 100kms (output). We were putting 100kms worth in before, now we're only putting in 80kms worth. Our tank still requires an extra 20km to drive that extra distance so will look for another alternate source since its not getting it from fuel.

    This is the basic blue print to losing weight. Being in a calorie deficit is key! Don't even bother looking into purchasing a fat burner / thermogenic supplement to lose weight unless you're first in a caloric deficit!

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    Magic powders

    It is unfortunate, but how the products are marketed does make them sound like they're magic pills & powders that will make you lose weight. There are a lot of people out there who take fat burners, aren't in a calorie deficit yet have expectations to lose body fat simply because they take a scoop of the powder before they train each day.

    Once the tub is finished, they check the scales or look in the mirror and see no change, then get disappointed that the fat burner they were using didn't work. For fat burners to help, get into a caloric deficit first!!!

    Once you're in the deficit

    Once you're in a calorie deficit, we again don't even recommend buying fat burners / thermogenics, well not yet anyway! From day one of being in a deficit, there is absolutely no need for a fat burner supplement, in our opinion.

    Because you have made this change, your body will naturally be forced to adapt and change itself to keep up. The first few weeks of your deficit is when you'll notice you lose the kg's and a few changes made. It's that change I was talking about above where you're doing something different to what your body expects that has given you the results.

    Use The Biggest Loser TV show as an example. In the first couple weeks of the show, the contestants are losing loads of weight and recording high amounts of kg's lost during their first couple of weeks at camp.

    It's because their caloric output is higher and caloric input is lower. They've made a change their body's aren't use too & are now in a caloric deficit hence why they lose such high amounts of weight during the first couple of weeks.


    Our body's hate change and literally want us to remain the same. Once a change is made, it will do everything it can to quickly adapt and close that deficit gap you created.

    Think about weeks 4, 5, 6 and so on in that TV show, the contestants aren't losing and recording high amounts of weight loss as they first did right? It's significantly lower. Their body's have caught up with that change and are now adapting to it. They are starting to plateau with weight loss becoming a much harder challenge!

    It's when this happens that another change needs to be implemented to continue losing weight. The most common thing to do is again, lower your caloric input and increase your caloric output.

    Remember how we dropped our calories by 400 to have 2600 going in. Since our body has adapted to this number, you can drop it by 400 again to 2200 calories. Now there's only 2200 calories going in where your body just got use to operating on 2600!

    You could even chuck in another couple of cardio sessions to increase your output. Now your body is like 'sh*t, I just got use to that first change, now you've made another. I'm still not getting enough food to keep up with this now higher demand you're putting on me, so again am forced to burn and utilize this body fat!'

    Introduction of the fat burner / thermogenic

    It is around this time where a fat burner / thermogenic supplement would be the most beneficial. Think of it like a tool you're now throwing at your body to really ensure body fat is lost.

    The ingredients found within the fat burners will actually encourage & ensure your body is utilizing that stored body fat as fuel. As our calories drop, and our output increases, we will naturally feel tired with energy levels dropping. Most fat burners are caffeine / stimulant based with the purpose behind these to provide you with that extra kick of energy you may be lacking to go in and train the house down, something you may not have been able to do before.

    The ingredients also contain mood enhancers, because let's face it, no one is really pleasant when they're 'hangry' plus appetite suppressants to curb your hunger and prevent you from eating or snacking on things you shouldn't.

    The ingredients are scientifically backed with studies & research conducted on all of them. If you are more interested in this part, we would highly recommend you check out https://examine.com/ and search each ingredient to find further info on what they're about.


    Because the ingredients are designed to increase energy, encourage fat metabolism, enhance mood and so on, the best time to take a fat burner is 20 minutes prior to working out.

    Other people do use them first thing in the morning as a coffee replacement and again mid-afternoon for an afternoon pick me up. When you use it is entirely up to you however do seek advice if you need specific help!

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    Any recommendations?

    Supps42 are fortunate enough to be able to offer a wide-range of different fat burners that all vary in terms of caffeine / stimulant strength, formula make up, price & flavours & taste.

    It's best to shoot us an email directly so we can offer tailored specific choices just for you! With that said, EHP Labs Oxyshred, Ghost Burn, Muscle Nation Destiny & BSC Hydroxyburn Shred are our favourites & most popular!


    Take home points

    So in short, yes, fat burners / thermogenic supplements have the potential to assist you in losing unwanted body fat. To lose body fat, we need to be in a calorie deficit first! No questions asked!

    If using a fat burner supplement, they should be introduced / implemented into your supplement regime once your weight loss starts to plateau / hit a wall, not from day 1!

    When you make that second or third change in regard to dropping calories and increasing output, that would be the perfect time to introduce a fat burner supplement.

    Think of them as tools that can assist you in losing weight, not the solution! Fat burner supplements contain ingredients designed to increase energy, enhance mental focus, encourage fat metabolism, enhance mood & suppress appetite.

    Each one varies in regard to formula make up, caffeine / stimulant strength, price & flavours & taste. Everyone is different and will have differing opinions on what they like / don't like in regard to fat burner supplements. Literally trial & error until you find one best suited for you. Contact us to help find that fat burner best catered for you and your needs!

    The most common time to take your fat burner is 20 minutes prior to working out.

    We hope this answers the age-old question as to whether or not fat burner supplements work & given you some further information to expand your knowledge! :)

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