Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey VS EHP Labs Oxywhey

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  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey & EHP Labs Oxywhey, two of the most popular whey protein blends on the market today. They've both been around for several years, found in just about every single supplement store around the country. 
  • Both products are designed to add extra protein into your diet if you find you struggle to get adequate amounts in on a daily basis from whole food sources.
  • They are both 'blends' in that they contain fast, medium & slow digesting sources of protein.
  • They are both ideal to take literally anytime of the day whether it's immediately post-workout, as a meal through the day, mixed in with your breakfast, cooked in recipes etc.
  • They're both very similar as you can tell but which one in our eyes is better? Read on to find out!

Round 1 - Ingredients & Nutritional Breakdown

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  • By looking at the ingredient panel of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey, we can see its a blend of whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and whey peptides. This simply means it contains fast and medium digesting sources of protein. WPI is mentioned first suggesting the blend contains a higher percent of WPI which is actually quite rare within blend proteins. Normally whey concentrate is the leader followed by the purer WPI sources.
  • The ingredient list is super small. This emphasizes the quality of the protein in that it doesn't contain a bunch of crap to make it taste good and look pretty. It's simply your protein sources, thickeners, natural & artificial flavours and digestive enzymes to ensure no stomach discomfort or bloating.
  • To determine the actual protein percent per serve, divide the protein content by the serve size (24g divided by 30.4g) then multiply by 100 which equals 78.9%. Most blends range anywhere from low 60% to 80% clearly showing the high quality of ON Gold Whey. Extremely good macros too with only 3g of carbs, 1g of sugar and 1g of fat!

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  • Oxywhey on the other hand, contains a blend of fast (whey protein isolate), medium (whey protein concentrate) AND slow (micellar casein) digesting sources of protein. WPI is mentioned first just like ON Gold Whey, again suggesting the blend contains higher amounts of this protein over the others. 
  • We can see it also contains MCT oil, added amino acids, sweeteners, thickeners and digestive enzymes also. 24 divided by 33 multiplied by 100 equals 72.7% protein per serve, lower than the 78.9% found in ON Gold Whey.
  • The macros are quite similar at 2g carbs, 2g sugar and 2g fat. 
  • Yes Oxywhey does contain a slow source of protein in micellar casein that ON Gold Whey does not have however ON does have a higher protein percentage and a smaller ingredient list which in our opinion is what you want when looking for protein powder!


Round 2 - Flavours & Taste

  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey comes in over 16 flavours from your standard Vanilla Ice Cream & Extreme Milk Chocolate's to your more specific taste preferences like Rocky Road, White Chocolate & Coffee among many others.
  • Oxywhey currently comes in 6 flavours again with your generic, popular options (Delicious Chocolate, Vanilla Ice Cream etc) and a few different ones being introduced a few years ago in Mocha & Swiss Chocolate.
  • Some of the ON Gold Whey flavours are simply amazing such as the two chocolate options, Vanilla Ice Cream plus the other choc mixed with something flavours like choc hazelnut, choc malt, choc coconut etc. The strawberry in our opinion is very artificial and yuck, cookies and cream does not taste like cookies and cream and rocky road should be discontinued! That's just our opinion though!
  • Strawberry milkshake Oxywhey is by far the best strawberry flavored protein we've ever tried! The two chocolate options and vanilla are also really enjoyable with the Mocha and Banana being OK, but nothing to really get excited about.
  • Because Oxywhey does contain slower digesting sources of protein, it does mix up a bit thicker than ON Gold Whey giving you that nice creamy milkshake consistency. It will keep you fuller for longer which for some is perfect if you're using it as a meal replacement, others not so perfect if you don't like feeling bloated or too full.
  • ON Gold Whey is thinner in consistency & won't be too heavy on your stomach. Both products mix up perfectly fine in a shaker with no clumps or sinkers. 
  • This is honestly a tough one. ON Gold Whey does come in over double the amount of flavours than Oxywhey giving consumers more variety and choice. With that said, for us its more about quality than quantity and we feel EHP Labs have brought out 6 delicious options rather then bringing out some that are great, some being average and some being absolutely terrible.


Round 3 - Value for money

  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey comes in 3 different sizes; a small 910g tub, a medium 2.27kg tub and a large 4.5kg bag. The serve size does vary from flavour to flavour however for argument's sake, we'll say the small ones on average contain 30 serves, the medium 75 serves and the bag 140 serves.
  • With that said;
    - 910g tubs = $59.95 = $2.00 / serve
    - 2.27kg tubs = $99.95 = $1.33 / serve
    - 4.5kg bags = $169.95 = $1.21 / serve
  • EHP Labs Oxywhey currently comes in two options, a small 30 serve tub and a medium 75 serve tub.
    - 30 serves = $69.95 = $2.33 / serve
    - 75 serves = $129.95 = $1.73 / serve


Round 4 - Versatility

  • In this round, we're looking to see how versatile each protein powder is in regard to usage. Can you drink it post-workout, can you cook and create with it etc.
  • As touched on right at the top of this blog, we know both products are protein blends in that they can be taken literally anytime of the day. In terms of taking it immediately post-workout (which is the most common time people supplement with protein powder), we honestly prefer to use ON Gold Whey. As ON Gold Whey is predominantly a WPI dominant blend with just whey concentrate and whey peptides as the other sources, the protein doesn't cause any stomach discomfort, it doesn't bloat us and is really enjoyable to consume after a hard workout.
  • Oxywhey on the other hand, is a bit heaver on the stomach and for some, does cause stomach discomfort. We found we became much fuller on Oxywhey and didn't want to eat an actual whole food post-workout meal because of this.
  • With that said, its the above reasons why we actually prefer Oxywhey to use as a meal replacement option through the day. If you don't have time to sit down and actually eat something, Oxywhey is perfect to keep you full till your next meal whilst providing your body with high quality nutrients.
  • In terms of cooking, its honestly a tie between the two. Both companies take pride in how versatile their flagship protein is to cook with, releasing several recipes on their YouTube channels and Instagram's demonstrating different yummy meals and treats you can create.
  • So we have two proteins that are perfect to cook and create with, one protein that's a better option to consume immediately post-workout than the other but then the other protein is better to use as a meal replacement through the day...
  • We hate a tie as much as anyone else but unfortunately that's how this round has got to go!


Overall Winner

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