Muscle Nation Supps Review - Lauren Ashleigh


Supps42 athlete, Lauren Ashleigh is a figure & physique model, a raw & EQ powerlifter, Australian national strong woman champion, posing and competition prep coach, serves as a judge for the ICN Federation and has years of experience working within the supplement industry.

She's virtually done it all, and succeeded along the way! Supps42 were very fortunate when Lauren decided to join our team in December last year, welcoming such an experienced and lovely woman to the family

With the upcoming release of the new Muscle Nation supplements, Supps42 asked Lauren to try and test all 3 items; the fat burner Destiny, their pre-workout Legacy and the pump and performance supp Three-D.

Using her wealth of knowledge and experience, Lauren has written us a supplement review as to what she personally thinks about these new Muscle Nation products that are about to be released! Enjoy!

"I’ve had the pleasure of testing out the newly launched supplement range by the ever so popular Muscle Nation. If the first three supplements released are anything to go by, then I am on standby awaiting further products!

I stacked both Legacy (Pre Workout) and Three D (Pump Formula) which I found provided me a clean energy boost, rather than leaving me scattered. The caffeine content is comparable to other mid-high range pre workouts on the market, with a blend of quality performance ingredients and nootropics that sustained my workout consistently for several hours, kept me focused and in the zone, which didn’t leave me crashing.  The pump that came with it was the cherry on top for all the vascularity lovers out there.

Many know, that I am a fat burner addict……You name it, I’ve tried it! I have a select few I keep in my arsenal and I will happily now be adding ‘Destiny’ into my rotation of faves. Whilst we all know that just because you can’t feel a fat burner, that is not a true indication of its effectiveness…... Well, you will feel this one! You’re going to sweat, maybe even salivate more than normal. I used this one alone during my workout and it provided me sustained energy to get the job done and once again no crash. What I really liked about this one…..I felt damn good on it!!!"

- Lauren Ashleigh

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