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  • We will be comparing the brand new, recently released Muscle Nation Protein with the very popular Rule1 R1 WPI. Both supplements are whey protein isolate protein powders meaning they are both fast absorbing, high quality sources of protein ideal to take immediately post-workout, as soon as you wake up or any other time of the day you're body needs a quick hit of protein.
  • Both products will contain little to no traces of lactose making it perfect for someone who has issues with dairy to try. If you do have issues with dairy, we highly recommend trying a whey protein isolate powder first before jumping onto a plant-based protein.
  • In this 'This or That' article, we'll be putting both products through 5 rounds to see which comes out on top. The winning product of each round will be awarded a point with the overall protein possessing the most points being declared the winner;
  • The 5 rounds are;
    1) Ingredients, nutritional breakdown & macros
    2) Value for money
    3) Flavours & taste
    4) Mix-ability
    5) Versatility

Round 1: Ingredients, nutritional breakdown & macros

  • When we look at the above Muscle Nation Protein label, we can see the one and only type of protein within this product is whey protein isolate. Compared to the Rule1 label below where you'll be getting two types of protein in whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate. Whey protein hydrolysate is whey protein isolate broken down even further into very fine peptides making it even purer and faster absorbing then WPI.
  • The rest of the macros are pretty similar with Muscle Nation literally having 1.7 extra grams of carbs than Rule1, their sugar and fat content per serve being the same.
  • What separates them completely is the fact Muscle Nation have added a bunch of ingredients such as Velositol (doubles muscle protein synthesis), DigeZyme (helps your body fully digest the protein) and AstraGin (helps your body absorb all the amino acids). They haven't just sprinkled these in either, adding full clinical dosages. With the addition of the these 'bonus' ingredients, the protein percent per serve does drop to 76.4% with Rule1 WPI containing 86% protein per serve however Rule1 does not contain those added benefits.
  • With that said, we have to give this round to Muscle Nation Protein. The addition of these ingredients that are backed by scientific studies is really exciting and something we have not seen in any other whey protein on the market. Combining this with a pure, high quality whey protein isolate and we've got a recipe for gains!

Round 2: Value for money

  • Muscle Nation Protein retails for $79.95 through Supps42 with 25 serves. Rule1 WPI retails for $79.95 through Supps42 with 38 serves. $3.20 per serve for Muscle Nation, $2.10 per serve for Rule1

Round 3: Flavours & taste

  • Muscle Nation Protein currently comes in 3 flavours; choc honeycomb, milk chocolate flake & caramel popcorn. Being released only a month ago, we don't expect it to come in a wide-range as of yet.
  • Rule1 WPI currently comes in 17 flavours, 11 of them being available through Supps42. Having a wide range from your standard flavours like choc fudge and vanilla all the way to more specific flavours like red velvet and apple cinnamon, does give consumers plenty of choice with there being at least one flavour to satisfy everyone's taste buds.
  • The 3 flavours of Muscle Nation Protein are absolutely incredible!!! Choc honeycomb tastes like a 'crunchie' or honeycomb icecream, milk chocolate flake contains real chocolate flake inclusions and caramel popcorn tastes legitimately like caramel popcorn.
  • Muscle Nation is an Australian company so the flavour profile of their proteins are definitely catered toward the Australian public and our taste buds. They aren't too 'American' and literally taste exactly like the flavour describes.
  • Rule1 WPI also has a fair few delicious options. Their lightly salted caramel is by far one of our best sellers and one many people love and enjoy when we take it to taste testings. With Rule1 being an American company, it does fall victim to having some flavours that are 'American' as mentioned above such as orange dreamsicle and fruity cereal. They are a required taste with a lot of them coming down to personal preference.
  • We are giving this round to Muscle Nation purely because they have nailed 3 out of 3 flavours and are going for quality rather than quantity. Sure you have plenty of variety with Rule1 but only a handful are on the level of deliciousness that Muscle Nation Protein is. We hear a 'fruit loops' inspired flavour could be coming next for the Muscle Nation protein! #watchthisspace

Round 4: Mix-ability

  • As both products are high quality whey protein isolates, they both mix up perfectly fine in a shaker. There aren't any clumps or things that sink or float throughout the shake.
  • Rule1 WPI does promote the fact their protein is that pure and high quality it can be mixed up in a glass of water and spoon stirred. We tested this out and it 100% passes with flying colours! Mixes up perfectly.
  • The one thing that separates the two within this round is their consistency once mixed up. Most WPI's contain a water-like / thin consistency due to the protein source being pure whey protein isolate. Rule1 WPI provides exactly that, making it super easy to drink and light on the stomach. 
  • Muscle Nation Protein however, contains a thicker consistency, almost similar to that of a blend. Even though it is thicker, it still doesn't cause any bloating or upset stomachs, this comes down to the addition of that amazing digestive enzyme blend DigeZyme. We personally love a milkshake like consistency when drinking a protein shake so again, have to give this round to Muscle Nation. The fact you get the enjoyment of a milkshake like protein shake that doesn't bloat you and mixes up perfectly is an absolute winner in our eyes

Round 5: Versatility

  • In the fifth and final round, we look at our versatile the protein is in regard to its usage. Can we cook and create with it? Can it be taken anytime of the day? etc.
  • As both products are whey protein isolate powders, the most ideal time to take them is when your body is receptive to a fast absorbing hit of protein such as post-workout or when you wake up. 
  • We have cooked the standard "pro-oats" that most people have for breakfast (porridge mixed with protein powder) with both products. Both the Rule1 WPI and Muscle Nation Protein delivered a delicious and tasty meal with no real issues. In regard to cooking, we would probably have to give the edge to Rule1 simply because of the wide variety of flavours it comes in and the different amount of recipes you could make. Rule1 actually have a heap on their Instagram and website. For example, it was a bit more enjoyable to use the vanilla flavoured Rule1 in our oats with berries, rather than the unique and specific flavours Muscle Nation provides.
  • Vanilla flavoured proteins are pretty versatile to make anything with such as protein pancakes, protein muffins etc. where as the Muscle Nation flavours you'd really have to be making something specific such as choc honeycomb protein slice or caramel popcorn muffins.
  • In terms of whats more versatile to cook with, we'd have to give it to Rule1 simply because of the large amount of flavours and thus different recipes you could make.

The overall winner

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