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  • Muscle Nation Destiny


  • Fat burners / thermogenics

Price & serves

  • $89.95 / 50 serves

Price per serve

  • $1.80 / serve


The new Muscle Nation Destiny is finally back and available through Supps42! After the first release of the product was sold, Muscle Nation decided to take it back to the lab for re-formulation and re-flavoring, requiring a few tweaks based on customer feedback.

After a 6 month long hiatus, Muscle Nation have re-released their fat burner, bringing out 6 new flavours different to the original 4! Let's give you our honest, no BS opinion on what we think of the new Destiny.

Nutritional Panel & Ingredients

Like all Muscle Nation supplements, they have a fully transparent, open label, hiding no secrets and telling consumers exactly what they're getting. Muscle Nation have taken the label even further by actually categorizing and grouping the ingredients into different sections so you know exactly what each one is designed to do.

We won't go through every single ingredient rather touch on the specific highlights and what makes this product unique. Straight off the bat, in a 1 scoop serve, you'll receive a big 1.8g of Acetyl L-Carnitine. Acetyl L-Carnitine or L-Carnitine in general, is predominantly the most common ingredient companies will add in first to their formula due to the benefits of fat metabolism (transport fat from where it's stored to where it's oxidized during training). The most efficacious dosage is between 1g - 2g, so having a big 1.8g per scoop is a welcomed addition to get things rolling.

All 4 ingredients found within the 'burns fat & metabolism boosters' section of the label are all at a dosage studies have found to be the most effective within the human body. Muscle Nation have not skimped out and 'pixie dusted' anything which is another great highlight to take note of. They all work synergistically together to rev up your metabolism and stimulate your nervous system.

There's 150mg of caffeine per scoop within Destiny, which in our opinion, is the perfect amount for a fat burner. It's not over-dosed with hard hitting stimulants or anything like that, rather dosed at a level that will give you a nice, clean kick of energy to get your heart rate up. Why we like 150mg within fat burners, is in our experience, most fat burners and thermogenics are taken first thing in the morning prior to morning cardio sessions. Obviously you can take it whenever you like, however most people who are taking them are doing some form of cardiovascular based training and tend to position these workouts first thing in the morning. 150mg of caffeine is a great amount to take during this time and enough as mentioned, to get your a** moving!

We are loving the fact it's just caffeine and 2 other stimulants that make up the 'energy' part of the label. Too many stimulants can actually raise cortisol levels which in turn, inhibits the fat burning process, so hats off to Muscle Nation for ensuring they didn't load the product up with too much crap. 

The last part of the label we really love, is the addition of their 'nootropics' or 'mental focus' ingredients. We stress the importance of being in a calorie deficit in regard to losing body fat, thus carbs tend to be low and your mental capacity during training aka the 'diet brain fog' can sink in. Adding in 4 mental focus ingredients combined with Acetyl L-Carnitine AND caffeine will allow your brain to function more efficiently and effectively, enhancing your mental performance not just during training, but for the rest of the day as well.

Overall, 'synergism' and 'smart' are the two words that sum up the new Muscle Nation Destiny formula. Clearly, Muscle Nation have done their homework and research and have effectively put together a bunch of proven, studied ingredients at dosages that work synergistically together to provide a high level, high quality experience. On paper its extremely impressive in our book, and really get's the science nerd inside of us excited! 

Flavours & taste

The new Muscle Nation Destiny has been re-released in 6 brand new flavours;

  1. Coconut Passion
  2. Cola
  3. Jungle Fruits
  4. Mango Pineapple
  5. Passionfruit
  6. Watermelon Bubblegum

In the spirit of no bullsh*t and being straight up honest with you guys, in our opinion, and we've tried all of them now, they taste like sh*t! That's just us being completely honest! Admittedly, they are better than the original 4 flavours that were released when Destiny first launched, but when you compare the taste of the new Destiny flavours to some of the other, high quality fat burners' flavour out there, they simply don't compete.

It's honestly a chore to get them down, thinking to ourselves as we sip the product, 'there's no way in hell I'd get through a 50 serve tub of this sh*t'. As always, our taste buds are completely different to yours with many people out there believing they taste absolutely delicious. With everything, you simply have to try it yourself to decide what you think but in our opinion, #yuck!

In Muscle Nation's defence, they have jammed a tonne of incredible, active ingredients into the product, all dosed at high levels. Fat burning ingredients in general, taste terrible and it would be hard to make such a product taste incredibly delicious without adding more sweeteners and flavours in at the expense of the actives. 

Luckily, Muscle Nation do Destiny sample sachets (all available in our sample boxes), allowing consumers to 'try before they buy', something we'd recommend doing before investing in a full tub. We don't have any favourites out of the 6, in our opinion, one is not better than the other, they're all equally unpleasant.

How it mixes?

Like most fat burners, Destiny mixes up perfectly fine with no issues such as clumping or residue left at the bottom of the shaker / glass. You can simply use a glass of water and a spoon to mix the fat burner up before you train.

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Value for money

It goes for $89.95 through Supps42 with 50 x 1 scoop serves per tub, which works out to be $1.80 per serve. Extremely good value for money as a 1 scoop serve is quite intense and definitely gets the job done. You could even use Destiny as a coffee replacement, taking 1/2 a scoop which would give you 100 serves ($0.90 per serve), a hell of a lot cheaper than your standard $5 coffee's from the cafe.

Muscle Nation have made no secret that users can use a 2 scoop serve as well, adding the equations of the ingredients of a 2 scoop serve on the label. This would of course make the value for money more expensive, however we honestly feel 1 scoop is plenty and what most people will be using. 2 scoops would be for the stim junkies and more advanced, serious trainers.


Based on the type of ingredients included within the formula and the amounts that their dosed at, you can expect a crazy sweat!! This is a side-effect of the fore-mentioned ingredients added to Destiny, raising your body temp and effectively putting your body in an environment to utilize and burn off body fat. If you like to sweat during your sessions than you'll love training on Destiny! Don't forget to bring your gym towel, you'll need it!

The energy as touched on previously, is definitely there in a 1 scoop serve and provides a nice little kick to get your heart rate up and get you in the zone to train! We have had reports however, of individuals getting terrible migraines and headaches after taking the product so users beware that this is definitely a realistic chance of happening to you also, something we touch on further down.

In terms of mental focus, you do get dialed in and are able perform at a heightened level when training. The 6 mental focus ingredients found within the formula, all work in unison to provide an incredible mental experience, something we feel those who are dieting / low on carbs will truly appreciate.

Fat burning potential is just that, it's 'potential'. It's something that is measured over a prolonged period of time and something that works together with your calorie deficit. The ingredients found within Destiny are all very exciting and proven to help ASSIST you in burning body fat. In terms of whether Destiny does or not, that will ultimately come down to you, your consistency and commitment to your weight loss goals.

Towards the middle of the workouts, about 30 - 40 minutes after taking Destiny however, we consistently developed this feeling of wanting to throw up, even though our workout intensity and what we were doing hadn't changed. The only variable that had changed was the introduction of Destiny into our pre-workout supplementation. A headache / migraine then developed and we basically felt ill from then on in. Unfortunately, this isn't just a one off random case with the same desire to throw up and migraines occurring every single time we trained on Destiny. Not a pleasant experience for us to personally have and obviously something we didn't enjoy.

It isn't just us either, with multiple individuals experiencing the exact same negative effects (headaches and migraines, vomiting etc.) resulting in finishing their workouts early and simply going home. We have emailed Muscle Nation for an explanation as to why individuals are having these effects so hopefully we'll be able to shed some more light on this issue. We're keen to know if you've experienced something similar too?

Overall, you can expect a crazy sweat, enhanced mental focus and a nice, clean kick of energy in terms of short-terms effects to begin with. Unfortunately, a short time later, we did develop the above negative effects which made our whole experience terrible and not enjoyable at all. This is something that does vary from person to person, so again, it's truly a matter of trying it for yourself to see what you think. We just provide our own, honest experience!

Major cons

  • All flavours honestly taste like sh*t and are horrible to drink!
  • Us plus other individuals receiving headaches, migraines and the need to throw up after taking the product


On paper, Muscle Nation have put together a real exciting and thought out formula different to other fat burners on the market today. It's not just a generic, cookie cutter, ingredient list, rather a label of tried and tested, studied ingredients that all work synergestically together to assist in your weight loss goals.

Unfortunately, the exciting formula on paper, did not translate to real life practical usage, offering positive short-term, immediate effects that were soon followed by unpleasant, terrible effects. The fact so many other individuals are reporting the same experience, emphasizes this is not just a one off random case and that the fat burner is delivering similar negative experiences to many other people out there.

All 6 new flavours taste rancid in our opinion, and simply don't compete with the other popular and high quality fat burners out there today. They are honestly a chore to drink, with literally no positives to talk about at all!

If we're being 100% honest, a Destiny 3.0 or 'version 3' is needed! Our opinion, yours may be different!

Final score

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