Muscle Nation Legacy

Muscle Nation Legacy


Price & Serves
$69.99 / 40 serves or 20 serves

Price per serve / Value for Money
$1.75 / serve per 40 serves
$3.50 / serve per 20 serves

We recently wrote a Supps42 Supp Review on the brand new fat burner, Destiny, Muscle Nation will be releasing in a few short weeks. For those who haven't read that review, link is below;

This Supps42 Supp Review will now focus on their pre-workout supplement, Legacy, giving you guys our honest opinion in regard to the nutritional panel breakdown, ingredients, how it tastes and how it mixes as well as the effects.

As with all Supps42 Supp Reviews, the information provided is merely that of what Supps42 thinks and suggests. Everyone is different and has different opinions. This is simply one of them.

Nutritional Panel

As with their fat burner Destiny, Legacy also contains an open label, telling consumers the exact amounts of every ingredient that make up this product. Nothing is hidden in a "proprietary blend" which makes our jobs a lot easier when analyzing the supplement on paper.

Based on a 1 scoop serve (9.4g), there is 8.44g of active ingredients. A quick calculation means that Legacy yields 89.8% active ingredients with the remaining 10.2% of the product being your sweeteners, colours etc

This is very exciting! What this means is that it's not full of sh*t to make the product taste and look pretty. Muscle Nation have actually added a wide-range of clinical and proven ingredients that can assist with performance and better workouts, not just one or two and the rest are things to make the product taste nice. 

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In Supps42's opinion, a complete pre-workout supplement would be something that contains at least one ingredient to do the following;

Increase endurance & performance
Increase mental focus
Increase power
Increase blood flow (the pump!)
Increase energy

If you scroll back up and look at that nutritional panel, you will see the words "energy", "performance", "endurance" "power", "pump" and "focus" written all over it. Basically, Legacy has ticked every single box Supps42 looks for in a pre-workout supplement! It's complete!

The cool thing about Legacy, is that it can be taken in a 1 or a 2 scoop serve catering for just about anyone and everyone. Beginners and people who don't want a lot of caffeine can do a 1 scoop serve and still get adequate amounts of the above ingredients where as more advanced trainers or "stim junkies" who really want a big energy kick can take 2 scoops. We will touch on a few of the main ingredients however more science, in-depth info can always be found here;

The main takeaway from the "energy matrix" is that Muscle Nation has used a few stimulants that not only give you a nice energy kick, but also work in unison together to prevent a post-workout crash. The stimulants are all clean and strong with Muscle Nation opting to stay away from the harsh, borderline ingredients that have similar properties to the banned substances such as DMHA.

Muscle Nation again has opted for synergism of ingredients working effectively in the human body together, rather than just chuck some randoms in a tub and bring it to market. The "performance" section brings together a wide range of studied and proven ingredients in all their efficacious dosages. By looking at this on paper, you will definitely experience a great pump (L-Citrulline Malate, Nitrosigine, Vaso6 & L-Norvaline), increased power (Betaine Anhydrous) & the ability to train harder for longer (Beta-Alanine & Taurine).

The "nootropics" part is what really excites Supps42 when analyzing Legacy. Many companies often neglect this part of a pre-workout and focus more on the stimulants and pump ingredients. Furthermore, its quite hard to get the right balance of nootropics that won't give you a crash, or dropping in and out of concentration mode. Fortunately, Muscle Nation has again found that perfect synergism of ingredients that are not only effective, but actually lasts a fair while. More on this in the effects!

Flavours & Taste
Legacy will be coming in 4 flavours;

Bubblegum Grape
Candy Blue Raz
Sour Gummy Bear
Strawberry Lemon Drop

Supps42 has been fortunate enough to try the strawberry lemon drop flavour and are extremely impressed with how delicious Muscle Nation has managed to make this product taste, considering it's 89% actives with just over 10% being the items that contribute to the taste.

It's not sweet, it's not chalky or powder-like that many other pre-workouts taste like due to the high amounts of active ingredients they contain. They have nailed the strawberry / lemon taste, bringing to market a refreshing delicious option for consumers.

Supps42 has tried the bubblegum grape flavor in their fat burner Destiny. We are assuming the flavour profile will be quite similar within this product also. If that's the case, Muscle Nation has definitely nailed 2 out of the 4 options we have tried so far.
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As always, Supps42 did just as Muscle Nation have instructed on their packaging; "Mix with 240ml - 340ml depending on your taste preference with cold water".

We did this with a glass of water using a spoon. As expected, it initially mixes up perfectly! As it settles however, there was some powder that sunk to the bottom however with the amount of active ingredients Legacy contains, this is no surprise.

Another stir with the spoon and you're good to go. An alternative is to simply use a Supps42 shaker to mix it all together.

The effects
Energy: The staff at Supps42 have tried both a 1 and 2 scoop serve. We all have different caffeine tolerances and preferences when it comes to stimulants / time of day to train.

A 1 scoop serve is perfect for those who train first thing in the morning or in the evening after work. You get a nice clean energy kick that won't make you feel like sh*t in the morning and allows you to get to sleep at night.

2 scoops! For those who have a high caffeine tolerance or simply want a kick up the a$$, 2 scoops is for you! Energy is amazing, you feel amazing and the quality of your workouts definitely increase. You won't get a post-workout crash once the stimulants wear off either which is absolutely fantastic!

Endurance & Performance: Beta-Alanine is what gives you that tingling, itching feeling. It's perfectly harmless and is a very common ingredient most companies include in their pre trainers. 2 scoops will give you the clinical dose of 3.2 grams and yes, you will feel that itching feeling. In saying that, you'll also find that you can train harder for longer and your endurance will increase, ultimately increasing your performance and quality of workout.

Power: The staff at Supps42 all agree that an increase in power was also noticeable. With the muscular power coming from Betaine Anhydrous, this product would stack perfectly with Creatine. For those unaware, Creatine provides your body with more ATP which is the fuel we use when performing short, sharp muscle contractions such as weight training. All the staff at Supps42 use Creatine year round and found when using Legacy, muscular strength and power increased.

Pumps: Pumps were incredible! There's no better feeling than going to the gym and "pumping up" your muscles with blood, feeling fuller and looking bigger than usual. The ingredients in Legacy actually encourage blood flow to occur making those pumps seem bigger than usual. The cool thing about Legacy is that Muscle Nation haven't gone and chucked a heap of pump ingredients in the product, just a couple. This leaves room for you to stack it with another pump + performance, non-stim product for those who really want to take it to the next level. More on this in stack-ability.

Focus: As touched on above in the ingredients, it was this part of the formula that really excited us. Based on paper, we should get razor sharp focus that's prolonged and works in unison with the other ingredients. In practice, yep that's exactly what you get! Mental focus is incredible! We found it extremely helpful for those who struggle to connect with the specific muscle groups their training aka the "mind muscle connection". A few of us at Supps42 struggle to actually contract and use our chest in pushing movements. Legacy really allowed us to concentrate and leave our front delts and triceps out, focusing on contracting and using our chest. Highly recommend for those who struggle with this component of training.

Muscle Nation will also be releasing a non-stimulant pump & performance supplement called Three-D alongside Legacy and the fat burner Destiny.

For those who don't want caffeine and stimulants in a pre-workout. Three-D is for you. With that said, it also can be stacked and used together with Legacy. Stacking them together will really take your training experience and pumps to that next level. Supps42 would recommend this option for intermediate to advanced trainers looking for an amazing pre-workout stack. Just when we thought Legacy couldn't get any better, we added a scoop of Three-D and wow, simply amazing! Pumps are incredible! Well done Muscle Nation!

Overall / Final Score
You can definitely tell a lot of time, effort and most importantly passion, has gone into this product. Muscle Nation have put in the hours, the days, the years and truly developed an amazing pre-workout.

Between the high quality ingredients, the synergism and balance of everything working in unison, the amazing flavours and taste, the effects and how versatile the product is, Muscle Nation have truly thought of everything!

It will definitely stand up against some of the most popular and top-rated pre-workouts in the industry at the moment, giving a few of them a run for their money. "This is how you create a pre-workout supplement" is the message we are getting! Other companies should take note!

Supps42 would highly recommend you give Muscle Nation Legacy a try. As always, everyone is different and we all have different opinions. This review is simply based on Supps42 and what we honestly think! Congratulations Muscle Nation on formulating an incredible product!

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