Muscle Nation Destiny

Muscle Nation Destiny

Fat Burner / Thermogenic 

Price & Serves
$79.99 / 50 serves

Price per serve / Value for Money
$1.60 / serve

Muscle Nation are known worldwide for delivery high quality fitness apparel to happy, loyal customers throughout the world. They are also known for delivering such a high level of customer service that a communal / family type environment has been created leading to strong customer loyalty and a high following.

In Feb 2019, Muscle Nation will be launching a new project they have been working on and something outside the apparel / clothing world. 3 x supplements will be released with Supps42 being fortunate enough to stock all 3 and make available to you! Our first Supps42 Supp Review will be on the product Destiny, Muscle Nation's fat burner / thermogenic supplement.

Nutritional Panel

Open label!!! Yay! Muscle Nation across all 3 of their supplements contain open labels telling us exactly how much of each ingredient they have added to the product. There are no proprietary blends and nothing is hidden to the consumer.

Serving size = 6.2g
Total amount of active ingredients = 4.395g
4.395 divided by 6.2 multiplied by 100 = 70.88% active ingredients which is quite standard within fat burners.

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    When looking at fat burners, Supps42 want to see the following;

    something that will encourage your body to metabolise stored fat as a source of energy aka fat metabolism
    a good clean energy kick with no crash
    mood enhancers
    appetite suppressant
    and then something to absorb everything the company has put into the product.

    Muscle Nation have ticked all those boxes and even added a couple more such as mental focus ingredients and diuretics. We can tell based on the choice of ingredients and dosages Muscle Nation included that they have actually taken the time and effort to find that perfect balance and synergism between ingredients rather than bring to market another "cookie cutter", lazy supplement we see many other companies do.

    Muscle Nation Destiny, based on paper alone, is what we'd call a "complete" product, giving consumers correct dosages of everything and then some you'd want in a fat burner / thermogenic supplement. For the more, in-depth science behind each ingredient, we recommend checking out the below link; Supps42 Supp Reviews are more about giving you a general opinion on what we think rather than going super in-depth, ingredient by ingredient.

    Flavours & Taste
    Destiny will come in 4 flavours;

    Bubblegum Grape
    Strawberry Candy
    Peach Sunrise
    Rainbow Sherbet

    The staff at Supps42 have been fortunate enough to try the Bubblegum Grape flavor with everyone having different taste buds and specific preference on what flavours they like and dislike. The consensus is that Muscle Nation have truly nailed it! Fat burning ingredients are hard to make taste good without sacrificing the quality and correct dosages. Muscle Nation have truly found that perfect balance of adding high quality amounts of ingredients plus bringing to market a delicious product.

    The fact they are an Australian company emphasises the flavours are catered toward the Australian consumers. They aren't "American AF" being too sweet or anything and even take you back to your childhood growing up in this beautiful country #grapehubbabubba

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    Supps42 did just as Muscle Nation have instructed on the tub, mix 1 serve (1 level scoop) in 250ml of cold water. We used both a small shaker and then a glass of water with a spoon.

    Destiny contains no floaters, no clumps and had a nice water like clear consistency. As it sat there, there were some ingredients that sunk to the bottom just like most fat burners, however another stir with the spoon and it's good to go. 

    The effects
    Let's face it, this is the part we all want to know and why we buy supplements. Does it work?

    First thing first, prepare to sweat!!! It's no surprise based on some of the ingredients within Destiny and the amounts Muscle Nation have included that you will definitely sweat when using this product. Supps42 owner Todd took a scoop 20 mins before playing tennis and said he already had a light sweat just sitting in the car driving to the courts!

    A few other Supps42 staff took Destiny before performing fasted cardio in the morning and claimed their Muscle Nation apparel they were wearing was absolutely drenched.

    In terms of the energy, yeah it's definitely there! Everyone who tried Destiny said they felt a good hit of energy within 10 minutes of taking the product. As their workout progressed, their energy increased before slowly tapering off. The cool thing about Destiny is that it doesn't give you a massive kick and then an immediate drop (crash). It's good, clean constant energy with no crash afterwards.

    In terms of performance, all workouts completed on Destiny have been quality! It's not a fat burner that's going to get you all hyped up and run around the gym crazy. Would be perfect for endurance based sessions such as sport or F45. You can definitely tell there are mental focus ingredients within this product as alertness and concentration on what you were doing was evident. Destiny really dials you in and eliminates all distractions both mentally and within your surrounds.

    In regard to actual fat loss, ensuring you are first in a caloric deficit in regard to your nutrition is vital. Once there, Destiny definitely has the ability to assist with helping you lose some unwanted body fat. It's not a magic powder, it's not something Supps42 thinks everyone should use, it like any other fat burner is something that has the potential to help whilst you're in that deficit. Based on paper it has all the tools required to assist with fat loss from a supplement point of view, however we can't stress the importance of first being in a caloric deficit with your nutrition before even considering a fat burner supplement.

    Overall / Final Score
    At $1.60 per serve, the wide range of ingredients and dosages included, the delicious flavors and taste and the immediate effects, Muscle Nation Destiny is a superior, high quality, exciting new product Supps42 truly believes will be a game changer within the fat burner / thermogenic category.

    It's a "step up" from some of Supps42's most popular fat burners / thermogenics and something we are very excited to make available to you come February 2019.

    As touched on above, Muscle Nation haven't rushed bringing Destiny to the supplement world. They haven't looked up what the most commonly used dosages and ingredients are, chucked them all in a pretty tub and then said "here's out fat burner, buy it". It's a product you can tell that a lot of passion, hard work and patience has gone into. A lot of trial and error, a lot of "yep this is the final product" and a lot of "no let's change this" until they finally landed on what we now know as Destiny!

    If you're looking for a fat burner that's new, exciting, complete and has the potential to help you lose some unwanted body fat, Muscle Nation Destiny is definitely something Supps42 recommends you try.

    Supps42 Supp Reviews are based purely on the opinion of the Supps42 team and emphasizes / acknowledges that everyone is different and what we think may be completely different to what you think.

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