Muscle Nation Custard Casein VS Gen-Tec Casein Custard


Written by;

  • Supps42 athlete Tia Truong - @tia.fitnesstrainer
  • Supps42 owner Todd Carruthers

Muscle Nation Custard Casein & Gen-Tec Nutrition Casein Custard are two of the most popular casein protein supplements on the market today. As casein protein is digested at an extremely slower rate than usual proteins (6 - 8 hours), it's extremely useful to take right before you go to bed or through the day when you're unable to get quality nutrients in for a prolonged period of time.

When we sleep is when we grow! This is the time where your bodies repair and rebuild muscle tissue broken down during training at the gym. Think of sleep as #gainztime! 'Before bed' nutrition is perhaps one of the most overlooked and underrated times where particular focus should be placed on your diet. Your body is about to go 6 - 8 hours (depending on how long you sleep for) without any source of food so we really need to ensure our bodies are hit with a some sort of protein before we hop into bed.

Protein is what our bodies use to repair and rebuild this muscle tissue. Think of protein like the tools our body requires to do this just like actual tools are used when building a house. As always, Supps42 encourage you to source your protein and other nutrients from actual whole food sources, but let's face it, the last thing we personally want to do right before bed is get in the kitchen and cook! 

That's where casein supplements come into play! They're quick and easy ways to feed your body a slow digesting source of protein that drip feeds to your muscles whilst you sleep! Muscle Nation & Gen Tec's casein products are designed to be mixed up like a dessert, like custard as the name suggests, allowing you to have a guilt-free, delicious, high protein snack right before you hit the sack! Let's find out which one, in our opinion, is better than the other!

Round 1 - Ingredients & Nutritional Breakdown

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With Muscle Nation's Custard Casein, we can see each serve provides 26.6g of protein, 4g of carbs of which 2.3g are sugar and 1.8g of fat, pretty standard macros for a protein. In terms of protein percentage, 66.4% of a serve is actual protein, the remaining 33.3% of the powder are other ingredients. This at first glance is an alarming stat with many other protein powders on the market using that extra 33.3% to load the product up with artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours and other crap that you simply don't need at the expense of the actual protein content. 

Fortunately, this low 66% protein percentage can be explained via the other fantastic ingredients Muscle Nation have added to the powder, not falling victim to what these other companies are doing. A full breakdown of what Muscle Nation have added to their custard casein is below, emphasizing this protein powder like their isolate, goes above and beyond and delivers something far superior than just your standard casein protein. 

Highlights include the whopping 7g of Glutamine per serve, the 3g of fibre, the addition of MCT Oil and the fact the product is gluten free! Muscle Nation are really establishing themselves within the supplement world as a force to be reckoned with, releasing high quality, creative and innovative products, custard casein being no exception.

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Gen-Tec's Casein Custard's macros are quite different with the serving size being vastly bigger than Muscle Nation's. Per serve individuals will receive a whopping 42g of protein, 15g higher than the custard casein. With that however, you will receive 11g of carbs 5g being sugar and 2.3g of fat. It definitely is on the high side in terms of protein with a 40g dose really catering for larger, muscular men rather than the 27g of protein dosage that caters for everyone. 

You of course can taper the Gen-Tec's serve size to meet your specific needs and macros (have 2 scoops instead of the 3), however when comparing serve to serve, we do prefer Muscle Nation's friendlier macros. In terms of the ingredients within Gen-Tec's Casein Custard, we can see besides the protein sources, the product is simply made up of your flavours, thickeners and sweeteners, nothing else added. There will be a high amount of naturally occurring amino acids due to the high protein content which again is useful for the product's purpose to aid muscle growth and muscle recovery, however when compared to the all the extra added goodies Muscle Nation has chucked it, it doesn't quite compete.

Round 1 Winner - Muscle Nation Custard Casein

Round 2 - Flavours & Taste

Right now Muscle Nation's Custard Casein has 3 flavours available to the public with another 2 on the way. They are;

  • Choc Banana - recently released
  • Choc Hazelnut
  • Vanilla
  • Coconut Caramel - coming soon
  • Strawberry Cheesecake - coming soon

Like all their other products, the custard casein is absolutely delicious! You simply add 2 scoops to a bowl and gradually add water, whisking the powder up until it reveals a silky, smooth, custard like consistency. It mixes up perfectly, with no residue or left over powder or chalkiness remaining. 

Vanilla is by far the most popular simply because it's legit like eating custard from the supermarket! It's also a really great versatile flavour to add a variety of different toppings like fruits, X0 crunch cereal, nuts, whatever your heart desires really! Choc Hazelnut is literally hit or miss, some people love it where as others aren't fans at all. Their new Choc Banana is bloody delicious, especially if you loved the banana Yogo growing up! We have high hopes for the new flavours, especially the strawberry cheesecake however feel Muscle Nation will smash these out of the park based on their track record of delivering such yummy supplements!

Gen-Tec's Casein Custard is the OG of custard casein products, being around for a number of years and having no real direct competition until Muscle Nation came around. Their product comes in 7 flavours;

  • Choc Honeycomb
  • Choc Hazelnut
  • Coconut Cream
  • Coffee Tiramisu
  • Creme' Caramel
  • Smooth Chocolate
  • Banana

As you can see it's a great variety of flavours with some really unique and interesting ones such as the coffee tiramisu and the creme' caramel. All flavours are absolutely delicious and make for a great individual snack to enjoy free of guilt! 

Like Muscle Nation's Custard Casein, you simply take a serve (3 scoops), add it to a bowl and gradually add water, whisking the powder whilst doing so. Again, it will reveal a very silky, velvety, custard like consistency with no signs of chalkiness or left over powder in the bowl that didn't mix in. As the serve size is much larger than Muscle Nation's, Gen-Tec's custard does have a creamier and thicker consistency, providing a much heavier and dense bed time snack.

This round is extremely close as both products are incredibly delicious but we're going to give it to Gen-Tec's Casein Custard by a hair, simply because they have a larger range of flavours currently available (50% more at the time of this writing), giving consumers more variety and choice to select from. Their flavours really dial in on the whole bed time meal idea, offering selections you would see on a dessert menu at a restaurant such as the coconut cream and coffee tiramisu. They're very intriguing and a good variety giving Gen-Tec the edge for round 2.

Round 2 Winner - Gen-Tec Casein Custard

Round 3 - Value for Money

Through Supps42, Muscle Nation's Custard Casein goes for $79.95, offering 25 serves per tub. That works out to be $3.20 per serve.

Gen-Tec's Casein Custard comes in 2 sizes compared to the one 25 serve tub Muscle Nation comes in. It comes in a small 800g / 20 serve tub and a much larger 1.8kg / 45 serve tub. The smaller sizes are $69.95 working out to be $3.50 per serve with the larger tubs going for $109.95 that works out to be $2.44 per serve.

As the round is called 'value for money', we're giving it to Gen-Tec due to their larger, cost-effective sizes, allowing individuals to buy in bulk and stock up. Having smaller sizes, although more expensive per serve than Muscle Nation's custard, also caters for those who maybe unsure about flavours and don't want to invest their money in a big size of something they may not enjoy. It also caters for those who have little money and can't afford, at the time, to spend $109.95 on protein, opting for the cheaper upfront price of $69.95.

Two sizes just caters for more people and their specific financial needs offering more value for their money.

Round 3 Winner - Gen-Tec Casein Custard

Round 4 - Versatility

We've been fortunate enough to test each product's versatility in regard to it's practical usage, that is, is it still enjoyable consumed other ways besides as a bed-time dessert?

Mixed with oats

  • Muscle Nation's Custard does add some texture to the oats, providing a nice, silky consistency to the porridge. It's obviously much thicker than if you were to add a normal whey protein to your oats yet still enjoyable. Definitely will fill you up and is a great meal to have if you find you're constantly snacking on things you shouldn't through the day.
  • With that said, Gen-Tec's Custard mixed with oats comes out more thicker and will fill you up even further. As touched on, the serve size is much larger and this would be an option we'd suggest for a larger human to fill them up and satisfy hunger.
  • Overall both products mix really well with oats and are great options to keep you fuller for longer, the only difference is just the macros and serve size between the two.

Protein pancakes

  • Muscle Nation - Creates fluffy protein pancakes! The protein flavour Tia used was Choc hazelnut which adds a great taste when blended with eggs (mainly whites), banana, oats and strawberries. I can have this for breakfast daily! Soft fluffy pancakes compared to Gen-Tec or pea based proteins.
  • Gen-Tec - Creates solid and dense protein pancakes. Pancakes are firm and filling and make a great base for your other toppings. Variety of flavours to select from which can change up the flavour of your pancakes and keep them different daily.
  • Overall, Muscle Nation's Custard Casein protein pancakes are way fluffier and a much better option to use if pancake creation if your thing!

In terms of cooking and creating with the custard casein and enjoying the protein in other ways than just the usual dessert / bed-time snack it's created for, we're giving it to Muscle Nation purely because of the lower macros and serve size. We feel these friendlier macros make it much for versatile to add to your recipes without going to overboard. The lighter, not as thick consistency is also a winner, helping us create much more tastier and macro friendly meals.

Sure you can adjust the serve size of Gen-Tec and even add more water to make it not as thick, however we are comparing the products from serve to serve and how the companies have presented each protein option to consumers. Muscle Nation's Custard is a much more versatile option to use and create different, yummy things with.

Round 4 Winner - Muscle Nation Custard Casein

Round 5 - Tie Breaker - Todd's Call

I'm giving this fight to Muscle Nation's Custard Casein. Sure Gen-Tec has some advantages over Muscle Nation such as their larger, more unique flavour choice, the fact the product comes in 2 different sizes catering for different financial needs and the fact it's incredibly delicious, however I personally feel the ingredient profile of Muscle Nation's Custard is far superior than Gen-Tec's and offers much more than just a yummy, bed-time snack.

Just like their Isolate protein, Muscle Nation's Custard Casein exceeds consumer expectations and adds things to the protein we personally didn't ask for but are glad they're there! The glutamine, MCT Oil, the high fiber content and being gluten free are all little things that in my eyes, would have me choose Muscle Nation over Gen-Tec if picking a casein protein to use myself. Eg I don't need to buy a Glutamine supplement as I'm already getting a decent 7g dose in Muscle Nation's Custard Casein. Just little things like that I personally really like and appreciate.

I prefer the macro breakdown of Muscle Nation's casein over Gen-Tec's as well, offering a serve size that caters for literally everyone and not requiring a need to adjust the serve to meet specific needs. The product has only been released for a few months now with 3 flavours already available and another 2 on the way, 5 in total. As mentioned, Gen-Tec's custard has been around for years and just have the 7, so in terms of flavour choice and variety, I feel Muscle Nation are very quickly closing this gap and will most likely surpass Gen-Tec in terms of variety and total number of flavour options.

This is my personal opinion and how I feel when comparing the two products thus award the winner of this 'This or That' article to Muscle Nation!!

Round 5 Winner - Muscle Nation Custard Casein

Tia's Final Thoughts

Muscle Nation Custard Casein

If you are looking for a light fluffy easy to make dessert, just add water to Muscle Nation casein custard. The result? A soft, silky, fluffy, mousse-like dessert that is like eating air…delicious nutella tasting air.

As these are relatively new, I haven't been able to test all the flavours but after my first experience with choc hazelnut, I am definitely going to give the rest a try. In fact, before Muscle Nation, Gen-Tec was my go to casein and this has definitely brought another great option into the market.

I will probably continue to mix and match depending on the meal and flavour i'm craving that day!

Gen-Tec Casein Custard

If you are looking for a delicious dessert/meal replacement, you will not be disappointed with Gen-Tec Casein Custard. 

Great options in terms of flavours and are extremely tasty. I've tried all flavours offered by Gen-Tec. Texture varies slightly across flavours but my favourite is hands down Coconut Cream for its taste and consistency. Coffee tiramisu and Crème Caramel are great flavours mixed with oats, for cooking or as toppings.

These options allow you to test in waffles, as custard desserts and are a filling, great alternative meal which is great for its slow digesting and low fat/low carb properties.





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