Muscle Nation 100% Whey Isolate VS EHP Labs Isopept Zero

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Muscle Nation 100% Whey Isolate or EHP Labs Isopept Zero? If we had to choose one, which one would it be? That's what today's 'This or That' article is all about, comparing these two extremely popular and best selling proteins up against one another to find out which one reigns supreme!

EHP Labs is well known for introducing the world to their flagship product Oxyshred several years ago, quickly making a name for themselves within the supplement industry and growing to become one of the most well known, most popular companies in the health & fitness industry!

Muscle Nation on the other hand, made a splash in the industry through their incredible & popular fitness apparel, getting high profile athletes and ambassadors such as Hattie Boydle, Rachel Dillon etc. promoting their products via social media & growing to become one of the most popular apparel companies in the country. Now they have jumped into the supplement world, bringing out their own of line of products for us to fall in love with, just like we all did with their clothing.

Two very popular & well-known companies, two best selling & high quality protein powders, which one is better? Let's find out!

Round 1 - Ingredients & Nutritional Panel

The reason why Muscle Nation's protein powder is so popular and created such a buzz & excitement within the supplement world is simply because it's a protein powder completely different & unique to any other protein on the market today. 

Not only is it an exceptionally high quality source of whey protein isolate, but it also contains these bonus ingredients & additions that work perfectly in unison with whey protein to really enhance our 'protein consuming' experience. They have added a full 2g of Velositol which when taken with whey protein, can drastically enhance muscle protein synthesis, 100mg of DigeZyme that helps our body fully digest the protein & 50mg of AstraGin which aids our body in absorbing all the amino acids. 

It's basically a WPI just taken to a complete new level! Protein per serve is 76.4% which may seem low for a WPI but you have to remember they have included all those incredible ingredients thus bringing the protein content down, so nothing to be alarmed about there. 0.4g of fat, 2.7g of carbs & 0.7g of sugar & of course 25.2g of protein, bloody fantastic macros!!

This is such an exciting protein powder with full wraps going to Muscle Nation for creating something completely new & innovative!
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EHP Labs Isopept Zero, unlike Muscle Nation's protein, is a blend of hydrolyzed whey protein isolate AND whey protein isolate. Hydrolyzed WPI is simply WPI broken down even further into peptide form making it an even faster absorbing source of protein due it being partially digested. It has very similar macros with 25g of protein, 1g carbs, 0g sugar & 0.5g of fat again emphasizing its purity and quality.

The main issue with Isopept Zero is the inconsistency in protein per serve between each flavour. Depending which flavour you go for, you'll receive a range of 77% - 83% protein per serve. In our opinion, a great WPI should have a protein percentage of 80% & above with the protein blends more commonly having a 70% - 80% range. It's not a huge issue to be concerned about however we're all about quality, consistency & not adding sh*t into products at the expense of the protein. Eg more flavours, sweeteners etc. to make it taste good.

Overall, Isopept Zero's ingredients and label reflects that of any high quality WPI product. We will mention that both products do have little to no traces of lactose, making them both a perfect option for people who do have issues with dairy / lactose to try before jumping on to a plant based protein.

With that said how could we not give this round to Muscle Nation? Those added ingredients mentioned above really separates this protein from others, giving users more 'bang for their buck' & receiving some extra benefits than just your standard whey isolate sources. It's something completely different & unique, really giving Muscle Nation an edge over it's competitors & reason for consumers to purchase their protein rather than someone else's.


Round 2 - Value for Money

A 30 serve tub of Isopept Zero goes for $79.95 working out to be $2.67 / serve. Muscle Nation's protein goes for $69.95 for 25 serves which equates to $2.80 / serve. We will mention that Isopept Zero does come in a larger 75 serve tub for $129.95 ($1.73 / serve) giving consumers the chance to 'buy in bulk' & save a bit of money as well.


Round 3 - Flavours & Taste

Muscle Nation's 100% Whey Isolate was originally released in 3 flavours before bringing out 2 brand new ones last month. They are;
  • Caramel Popcorn
  • Choc Honeycomb
  • Milk Chocolate Flake
  • Fruity Cereal (NEW)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream (NEW)

We've tried a shit load of proteins over time, like seriously a shit load. For quite some time, there really has never been a new protein powder we've tried & literally said straight away, *holy *fu*king shit!*.

This WPI is absolutely delicious!! Choc Honeycomb legit tastes like choc honeycomb ice cream, the milk choc flake contains real choc flake inclusions, caramel popcorn is bloody amazing, vanilla ice cream is so enjoyable to have by itself but also to cook & create with & the fruity cereal brings back childhood memories of slurping down the left over cereal milk from a bowl of fruit loops! They're all incredible!!

Another cool thing about Muscle Nation's protein is it's consistency. It's not thin & watery like most WPI's rather it contains a really nice, creamy, milkshake like consistency, similar to what you would find in a blend. Another unexpected treat & experience to enjoy when taking this protein.

EHP Lab's Isopept comes in 7 flavours, giving consumers a couple more different options to choose from. They are;

  • Banana Bliss
  • Chocolate Decadence
  • Choc Peanut Butter
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Mocha Latte
  • Strawberry Sensation
  • Vanilla Ice Cream

Like all EHP products, their Isopept flavours are also very tasty & delicious. Choc Peanut Butter, Cookies & Cream & Vanilla Ice Cream are by far our most popular & best selling flavours out of the bunch. Vanilla is exceptionally popular, again due to its versatility to cook & create with (protein pancakes, pro-oats, protein muffins etc.) 

It does have a thin consistency being a hydrolyzed WPI & WPI based protein, reinforcing it's super fast absorption & easy digestion. This round is obviously going to Muscle Nation & their incredibly tasting flavours. Muscle Nation again flex their creativity & innovation by bringing to market 'out of the box' unique options rather than the standard 'chocolate, strawberry etc' we see with so many other protein powders.

They taste absolutely amazing & are a real treat to drink when you finish training and / or throughout the day. Don't get us wrong, Isopept flavours are also really tasty but when comparing the two products, Muscle Nation is definitely the winner!


Round 4 - Versatility

As both products are a WPI based protein, the most ideal time to take them is immediately post-workout or when you need a quick hit of protein due to their fast & easy absorption.

In terms of cooking however, we do feel the Muscle Nation protein is a better protein powder to use in your recipes & creations due to it's thicker consistency. It makes your batter more 'batter-like' if that makes sense? Not to mention, all those amazing ingredients & additions within the Muscle Nation protein (Velositol, DigeZyme etc.) you're now getting when you eat your protein treats / meals through the day.

Don't get us wrong, Isopept Zero is still a great protein to cook with however we feel the thicker consistency & opportunity to consume more of those incredible ingredients within Muscle Nation's protein, makes it the winner of this round.


Overall Winner

Muscle Nation 100% Whey Isolate - 3
EHP Labs Isopept Zero - 1


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