Magnolia Wong

Magnolia Wong is an ACT based dedicated, motivated and hungry athlete that Supps42 are proud to sponsor and support! Recently competing for the first time, Magnolia already has her sights set on the next competition, emphasizing her desire and motivation to continually challenge herself.

It's this mindset and commitment we saw in Magnolia that drew us toward her, reaching out to see how Supps42 can support and help her keep achieving those goals. A big future ahead! #watchthisspace #wbff #procardcoming

Get to know Magnolia!


  • 26


  • Public Servant / Makeup Artist

Years Training

  • '3 years but the past year I have really focused on tying in my strength training with my nutrition to prepare myself for comp'

Training Goal 

  • 'I am currently in prep for my first fitness competition as a bikini competitor. However a future goal of mine is to build more muscle during my off season to compete as a fitness model in my next comp. Ultimate goal would be to compete in the WBFF and win a pro card!'

Go to Cheat Meal 

  • 'Oh this is a hard one...but I would have to say it would definitely be Krispy Kreme donuts or a burger from Brodburger'

Favourite Supps42 Supp

  • 'I am a huge fan of EHPLab, whether it be their BCAA, Oxywhey or Acetyl L- Carnitine! Their Oxywhey actually tastes amazing! But I have been obsessed with Oxyshred. Since I started taking supplements oxyshred has always been a product I have constantly been stocking up on. I usually have a scoop in the morning and one prior to training. Not only does it help with giving me a good energy boost and help with fat loss, but the flavours are also amazing!' 

Competition Achievements 

  • 'Currently in prep for my first competition as a bikini competitor'
  • Supps42 are happy to advise Magnolia achieved 2 x 2nd place finishes and 2 x 4th place finishes! Getting through the prep and standing on stage is an accomplishment itself but to get a placing in your first show....amazing!

Favourite Exercise and Why? 

  • 'I love training any exercise that involves shoulders and back! I have always been very weak in my upper body so there is no better feeling I love more than a good burn & pump after training my shoulders/back.

What Gym Would We Find You Training At? 

  • 'Club Lime Kambah / Woden'

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

  • 'Hopefully I will be able to achieve my goal in receiving my pro card in the WBFF on the international stage. I am also a very creative soul so maybe getting into the business of creating comp bikinis and theme wear!' 

Who are your role models and why?

  • 'I really look up to Asha Coulthard, she is a prime example that being consistent and driven will get you to your goals. Also Amanda Matthews & Stephanie Sanzo are big inspirations for me! All these amazing women prove that strong is beautiful!'
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