Macro Mike Vegan Protein VS Blessed Plant Protein


In this 'This or That' article, we will be comparing two our most popular plant-based protein powders in the relatively new Macro Mike's Vegan Protein and EHP Lab's sister company, Blessed Plant Protein.

Both products would be a perfect alternative for those who have issues with dairy / lactose and suffer from bloating / stomach discomfort and or those who are vegans who require certain amounts of protein within their diet yet struggle to receive it via whole food sources.

If you fit the above demographic and are in the market for a new plant protein, hopefully this little blog will shed some light on which one we think is the best if we had to choose one!

Round 1 - Ingredients & Nutritional Breakdown

When we review protein powder labels, the first thing we immediately calculate and ask is how much actual protein do we receive per scoop? To do this, simply look at the 'per 100g' column under protein or divide the protein serve amount (25g) by the scoop size (40g) and multiply by 100. In Macro Mike's Vegan Protein, we can see only 62.5% of a serve size is actually protein, the rest are other bits and pieces such as thickeners, flavours, sweeteners etc. This is toward the lower side of protein powders and most likely explains why it tastes so damn good (more on that in flavours). 

We can see it's a protein blend of peanut, pea and brown rice protein, giving users a nice mix of different plant-based sources. The fact peanut protein is listed first gives us the impression this is the primary source of protein and explaining the dominant nutty taste. It contains all natural ingredients such as raw cacao and coconut flavour nectar as well as being naturally sweetened with stevia.

It also contains a whopping 3.8g of fibre per serve which is extremely important for gut health, keeping hunger controlled and stabilizing blood glucose levels making this protein perfect to have as a meal through the day to keep you fuller for longer if you're trying to lose some weight.

Straight off the bat we can see Blessed Plant Protein will give users 86% protein per serve, substantially higher than the 62.5% within Macro Mike's Vegan Protein. The protein source is literally just raw activated pea protein isolate, not a blend of different types or anything. This is actually quite refreshing and nice to see, giving Blessed Plant Protein a sense of uniqueness over it's competitors.

Just like Macro Mike Vegan's Protein, there are natural sweeteners and flavours plus it does actively promote the fact that the protein is vegan friendly, gluten free, soy free, dairy free and GMP certified, again reinforcing the quality of the product.

There is also 2g of fiber per serve, lower then the high 3,8g found in Macro Mike's protein however still a welcome inclusion. Round 1 will be going to Blessed Plant Protein's based purely on the fact users receive a much higher protein per serve content, emphasizing the product's high standard of quality and the fact it hasn't sacrifice its main ingredient for sweeteners, thickeners, flavours etc. We also like the fact the supplement simply contains one source of protein rather than a blend, not over complicating things and providing a simple, clear alternative for those who have issues with dairy / lactose and/or are vegan.

Round 1 Winner - Blessed Plant Protein

Round 2 - Flavours & Taste

Macro Mike Vegan's Protein currently comes in 10 delicious flavours;

  • Hawaiian Salted Vanilla
  • Peanut Butter Banoffee Pie
  • Strawberry Cheezecake
  • Chocolate Hazelnut
  • Cookie Dough Peanut Butter
  • Chocolate Caramel Peanut Butter
  • Peanut Butter Cheezecake
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Original Peanut Butter
  • Snickerdoodle Cookie
  • Strawberry Jam Donut

Plant Proteins have a reputation for tasting very grainy, sandy, earthy and well let's face it, like sh*t compared to the creamy whey proteins. They don't mix that great, they're super thick in consistency, they're really just not that enjoyable to drink.

The owner of Macro Mike uses plant protein himself and acknowledges the growing demand of people wanting dairy/lactose and vegan friendly products, thus decided to manufacture a product completely different than what was currently offered within the plant protein world. He spent years of time, effort and trial and error until he found, in his opinion, an incredible alternative to the already bland and not so great options on the market.

Macro Mike are well known for creating macro friendly, delicious treats such as brownies, cookies etc. that legit taste like the real thing without all the sugars, fats and other nasties. We were interested to find out if the same amazing flavours and taste the brand has created it's name on, would be transitioned to it's vegan protein.

The Macro Mike Vegan Protein is in our opinion, the BEST TASTING plant based protein powder we have ever tried!! It's incredibly delicious!! The main reason why it's so tasty is the fact that the primary source of protein is peanut protein rather than the usual rice and pea protein found in other products. It provides a delicious peanut butter like flavour, which is reinforced through 6 of the 10 flavours containing the words 'peanut butter' in the flavour description!!

If we had to award a gold, silver and bronze medal we'd go;
🥇 - chocolate caramel peanut butter
🥈 - cookie dough peanut butter
🥉 - strawberry jam donut which is a brand new flavour to the Macro Mike vegan protein line! 

Blessed Plant Protein as of today (28.10.19) comes in 5 flavours;

  • Choc Coconut
  • Salted Caramel
  • Vanilla Caramel
  • & 2 x limited edition flavours Birthday Cake & the recently released, brand new S'mores

For those unaware, Blessed live under the EHP Labs brand, similar to how Big W and Dan Murphy's are part of the Woolworths brand. Even though it's marketed as a complete separate brand with their own social media pages, websites etc. Blessed is still EHP Labs. Now EHP Labs are known for creating some pretty delicious supplements such as Oxyshred, Isopept Zero etc. so again, we were interested to find out if that same reputation for delivering outstanding flavoured products would transition across to their plant protein.

When Blessed Plant Protein first came out (before Macro Mike's Vegan Protein), we thought this was the best tasting vegan / plant protein we've ever tried! Blessed have also done an incredible job with bringing to market a really delicious option for those vegans and dairy/lactose intolerant peeps out there! It's not grainy, not sandy and doesn't taste like sh*t compared to it's competitors!

Top 3 would be;
🥇 - the brand new 'limited edition' S'mores. For those unaware, S'mores are a campfire treat popular in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, consisting of a marshmallow and a layer of chocolate placed between two pieces of graham cracker or cookie. It's bloody delicious! We thought it'd be hard to make a plant based protein mimic this sweet and unique flavour however Blessed have absolutely nailed it!! Amazing!!

🥈 - vanilla chai - we love chai so this flavour specifically tickled our fancy! 

🥉 - choc coconut 

With that said, this round is obviously going to Macro Mike's Vegan Protein. We did mention within the first round that Macro Mike have added more flavours, sweeteners and other things to make it taste as good as it does at the expense of overall protein content so do take that into consideration when selecting your protein. As this round is strictly about the flavour & taste of the product, round 2 goes to Macro Mike!

Round 2 Winner - Macro Mike Vegan Protein

Round 3  - Value for Money

Macro Mike Vegan Protein goes for $79.95 with 25 serves per bag calculating to $3.20 per serve. Blessed Plant Protein however, comes in two different sizes (15 serves & 30 serves). A 15 serve tub is $44.95 ($3.00 per serve) and a 30 serve tub is $69.95 ($2.33 / serve)

Round 3 Winner - Blessed Plant Protein

Round 4 - Versatility

As both products are vegan friendly, plant-based proteins, they're both a fantastic option to consume literally anytime of the day when you're in need of high quality nutrients. Both can be taken immediately post-workout to commence the recovery process, they can be consumed through the day as a meal, both can be mixed in with your breakfast or smoothies in the morning, the options are endless.

Both brands also actively promote the fact that their plant protein powder is perfect to cook and create yummy high protein snacks with! Both brands have loads of recipes and cooking tips on their socials and websites, giving consumers plenty of choice in how best to use their protein. In fact, we'd go so far as to say that both brands actually encourage people to use their respective protein in cooking over drinking it like a normal shake. This can be reinforced through the large amount of recipes and nutritional content both brands provide daily! 

As Macro Mike's protein does have that distinct peanut flavour, the sweet tooth and let's face it, BEST foods like protein cookies, cakes, pancakes etc. taste exceptionally well and slightly better in our opinion to the Blessed Plant Protein. Eg a protein cookie using Macro Mike's Vegan Protein taste better than a protein cookie using Blessed Plant Protein. As mentioned, Macro Mike's vegan protein is the best tasting plant protein we've ever tried so it's really no secret when you combine these amazing flavours with other incredible flavours in your cooking, you get a simply delicious result!

We did make note that Blessed Plant Protein does come in 2 different sized tubs compared to the one 25 serve Macro Mike bag. This in our opinion, is the final deciding factor as to why we're giving the round to Blessed. For people unsure about flavours and for newbies who are interested in protein powder but unsure on the frequency in which they'll use the product, a small 15 serve tub is perfect and meets these demands. 

For those who love the product and regularly use protein powder, a larger 30 serve tub would benefit these guys, allowing these individuals to stock up and save further money. We understand everyone's needs and wants are completely different and vary from person to person so being able to release a product that caters for as many people possible gives the brand a distinct advantage. 

This factor combined with the it's delicious flavours and taste, it's great value for money and it the fact it contains more protein per serve and isn't filled with other crap ultimately helps us find our winner for the battle of the vegan / plant proteins!!

Round 4 Winner - Blessed Plant Protein

Overall Winner 

Blessed Plant Protein - 3

Macro Mike Vegan Protein - 1


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