Kelly Smyth

Kelly Smyth is a Newcastle, NSW based, bikini competitor whose outlook and way she approaches health and fitness, resonates heavily with the Supps42 culture. 

She is all about challenging herself, just working hard day in, day out, staying motivated and consistent on a daily basis. She embodies the saying "look in the mirror, that's your competition" and over the years has changed not just physically, but mentally too.

Kelly is all about doing what you love and being passionate about it, going so far as to consider a career change to the health and fitness industry emphasizing her love for training. Supps42 is proud to have Kelly represent us in Newcastle and will be doing everything we can to support and help her achieve her goals.

Get to know Kelly!


  • 22


  • Property Manager

Years Training

  • '5 - 6 years on and off but I would say 2 years consistently'

Training Goal

  • 'Currently I've been setting some small goals to keep me motivated throughout my off season'
    - Run 5km
    - Unassisted push up and pull ups
    - Get my squad and deadlift numbers back up, aiming for 90kg 
  • 'A bit further into the future I'd like to step back onto the ABF stage & gain my pro status. I'd also like to step foot on the WBFF stage for the first time!'.

Go to Cheat Meal 

  • 'Always Ben & Jerry's ice cream! Meal wise though, a burger with a side of sweet potato fries or butter chicken'.

Favourite Supps42 Supp

  • 'Rule1 WPI has to be my pick! Besides the fact that they have the tastiest flavours, this the product I reach for most often. I use it for so many different reasons (post training, in between meals, mixed into my oats, in smoothies) and plenty more'. Definitely a staple in my stack and has been for a long time now'. 

Competition Achievements

  • 2017: Season B: PCA Australian Open
    - 2nd & 3rd Placed Bikini Toned
  • 2018: Season A: PCA Adelaide
    - 2nd & 3rd Place Bikini Toned
  • 2018: Season A: PCA Newcastle Night of Champions
    - 2 x 2nd Place & a 3rd Place Bikini Toned
    - 2nd Place Swimsuit Model
  • 2018 Season B: ABF Central Coast Night of Champions
    - 2nd & 3rd Place Bikini Toned
  • 2018 Season B: ABF Australian Championships
    - 2 x 2nd & a 3rd Place Bikini Toned 

Favourite Exercise and Why?

  • 'Lateral shoulder raises are always my go to. I would train shoulders every day of the week if I could! I find they work best for me to get blood flowing to the muscle and get the muscle activated & ready for the rest of my workout'.

What Gym Would We Find You Training At?

  • 'Strength Republic Newcastle, NSW'

One piece of fitness advice from Kelly 

  • 'I wish that when I started, someone had told me and really explained the importance of never comparing your journey to someone else's'
  • 'Doing this will only stress you out & demotivate you which can cause your own progress to stall. Just focus on yourself and the best you can be right now - stick to your plan, your training, find balance & most importantly make sure you LOVE what you're doing, otherwise why are you doing it?'

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  • 'Bikini pro champion competing on an international stage! I'd like also to be in a more challenging and active job, a trainer in the army would be perfect'

Who are your role models and why?

  • Hands down Hattie Boydle. Since being crowned WBFF Pro Fitness Model World Champion in 2016 she has gone on to compete at Worlds every year since and just missed on the world title each time, yet she is still so humble, and passionate.
  • The love that Hattie has for her sport , how she holds herself, the love she shows fellow competitors, her rawness, discipline and dedication are all things that really resonate , motivate & inspire me.
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