Inside the Scoop Tip 3: "Fat Burning" Protein Powders = Absolute Sh*t!


If you walk into a supplement store and the kind sales person suggests you purchase a fat burning protein powder to assist with your weight loss goals, walk away!

If you follow a female influence or trainer on Instagram who suggests you purchase this women’s shaping and toning protein powder they are randomly holding in the kitchen wearing just their underwear, close your phone!

If you simply walk into a supplement store or jump online to their site and see a dedicated bay or category devoted to fat burning protein powders, get out or close the window!

What are they?

Fat burning protein powders are essentially protein supplements marketed towards those who are wishing to lose a bit of weight / fat. The protein make-up in these products are what you would find in regular protein blends, so a combination of;

  • Fast acting proteins (whey protein isolate)
  • Medium digesting proteins (whey protein concentrate) and
  • Slow digesting proteins (casein)

A blend of everything in other words.

The theory behinds blends are that because of the range of different acting and digesting protein sources, they are more versatile to take anytime of the day. You could have it when you finish training, as a meal through the day if you’re time poor, with your breakfast etc.
The medium and slower digesting proteins in the blend will assist will keeping you fuller for longer meaning the temptation to snack or consume foods you shouldn’t when trying to lose weight will be gone.

We at Supps42 100% support the idea that the best type of protein powder supplement for someone wishing to lose weight and aid in muscle recovery would be a blend as mentioned above.

It’s when companies add or should I say “sprinkle” the fat burning ingredients on top of the blend and then market it in a way that makes people believe these added ingredients will aid in fat loss is where we get pissed off!

The Added Fat Burning Ingredients

The most common ingredient added to fat burning protein powder supplements to assist in weight loss is L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine is by far the most popular and effective ingredient to have in your supplement pantry if weight and fat loss is your goal.

As we partake in exercise and training, our bodies are looking for an energy source or fuel to get through it. With L-Carnitine in our systems, it signals to our body “hey there’s some stored fat sitting over here not really doing anything, let’s use that as our energy source to fuel this workout and burn off” aka fat metabolism.

Jump on Google and simply search for any L-Carnitine or Acetyl L-Carnitine products such as EHP Labs Acetyl L-Carnitine or Creation Supplements ALCA Pure and you’ll find the dosages for this ingredient vary between 1g and 2g per serve.

This dosage is what studies have proven to be the most efficacious in regard to actually being effective and doing exactly what I’ve mentioned above emphasizing why these products contain this specific amount per serve.

Look for the L-Carnitine amount on the nutritional panel of your fat burning protein powder and you’ll most likely see an amount around 50mg to 100mg per serve. We just mentioned 1 to 2 whole grams is what studies have proven to be the most effective. In other words, 50mg to 100mg of L-Carnitine won’t do sh*t!

Simply put, its as if companies have lined up tubs of their protein blend, grabbed a massive bag of L-Carnitine and individually sprinkled some into each tub like salt and pepper on steak!

The Loop Hole

Because they have sprinkled a bit of L-Carnitine into the protein blend and now that it is technically in the product, the company can now legally promote the benefits of this ingredient all over their label and in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

That’s how loosely regulated this industry is, as long as an ingredient is in the product whether it be 20 grams or 10mg, you can promote the benefits of it regardless the amount.

They are now free to splash these slogans all over their label and ads;

  • “Burn Fat”
  • “Shape and Tone Your Body!”
  • “Get Lean and Ripped!”
  • “Build Muscle, Burn Fat”

Even though they have simply sprinkled a little bit in and not added full efficacious dosages required for the ingredient to actually be effective.


As we have discovered, fat burning protein powders are basically a protein blend with a sprinkle of fat burning ingredients. You’ll note these products are actually more expensive than the protein blends by themselves. Most 1kg protein blends retail for $59.95 - $69.95 where as the fat burning 1kg protein tubs retail for $69.95 to even $89.95 each.

The companies market the products in a way to suggest these items are more superior than just ordinary blends due to the added fat burning ingredients they have added which justifies why they are more expensive. You are led to believe you’re getting something extra with these products than the others.

Companies know full well the amount of fat burning ingredients in these protein powder supplements the consumer gets per serve won’t do a thing yet still go ahead and bring them to market and sell to you.

This to them is simply another way they can jump through a loop hole and increase their profit margins on their products. Money, money, money.

They Don’t Make Sense!

Fat burning ingredients like L-Carnitine you consume prior to training, right? L-Carnitine assists with using stored fat as a source of energy to burn off whilst you train so the most ideal time to take it is around 20 to 30 mins prior to commencing training.

Protein powder you normally consume when you finish training to assist with muscle repair and recovery, right?

So, we have protein to have when you finish training and L-Carnitine to have before we train.

Why are they combined in the same product???

Again, another reason why fat burning protein powder products are simple easy ways for companies to make more money. In terms of application, they simply don’t make sense.

The Solution

If protein powder and a fat metabolizing ingredient is what you’re after to assist with your weight and fat loss goals, simply purchase a high-quality protein blend and a separate L-Carnitine by itself.

  • It will work out the same price per serve if not cheaper
  • You will get the full studied, efficacious dose of L-Carnitine to actually do what it’s supposed to do
  • You will actually take the products at the most effective and correct time to take them
  • You won’t get told bullsh*t to your face or online
  • They will have much more effect in regard to helping you achieve your specific weight loss goals

As always the decision is yours, we at Supps42 simply provide information other companies don't won't you to know yet we feel it's information you deserve to know!

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