Important Information Regarding COVID-19


Hey fam,

Todd here, owner and founder of Supps42. I just wanted to take the opportunity to clarify and confirm a few things surrounding the announcement regarding non-essential businesses' being forced to close starting 12pm today Monday 23.03.20.

Being an online store, Supps42 is fortunate enough to continue trading as per usual. As long as freight and courier services and the post offices remain open, so will we! We use Star Track / Australia Post for the bulk of our orders, thus new, strict policies have been implemented to ensure items are received safely and securely.

All drivers have a 'no contact' policy, given permission to sign for your orders on your behalf before leaving them in a safe place at your front door. If you are not home to communicate with the driver, they will be taken to your local post office for pick up.

We continue to offer FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING on all orders made with no minimum spends required. Orders are usually delivered within 1 - 3 business days (depending on where you live) from when it was placed. Tracking details and shipping confirmations are sent via email as per usual.

I also wanted to take the time to encourage our fit fam to stick together and support one another whilst our 'home away from homes', the gyms, are closed throughout the country. For many, including myself, the gym is my 'happy place' and time where I can temporarily escape the stresses and daily grind, life in general offers.

Take a moment to vent your frustration and voice your sadness, but then quickly shift your focus to formulating a plan in how to overcome such an obstacle. Use your resources and each other and I'm sure you'll be able to find an alternative to exercise and maintain those gains. I will be offering a sale in the near future to help soften the bruising our cards and wallets have been taking so you can hopefully continue using and enjoying your supps! 

Stay strong fam, we'll get through it!

Owner, Supps42

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