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  • Ghost Burn


  • Fat burners / thermogenics

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  • $79.95 / 40 serves

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  • $2.00 / serve


There's no question that Ghost is one of the most coolest and creative supplement companies we've ever seen. From their incredible art work and attention to detail with their packaging, to their unique formulas and flavours, there's no secret why Ghost is one of the most hottest supplement brands in the world right now!

Their newest product to hit Australian shores was their highly anticipated fat burner / thermogenic, Ghost Burn! Let's review the product and see just how good it really is!

Nutritional Panel & Ingredients

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Like all their products, Ghost has provided consumers with a fully transparent open label, telling us exactly how much of each ingredient is included within the supplement. Companies do have the choice to do the above or to hide their formula in a blend, so the fact Ghost have opted for full transparency is a huge tick in our book!

As we make our way through the label, we can see we get two different types of L-Carnitine both at 750mg each with a total of 1.5 grams. The most efficacious dosage is 1 - 2 grams so we're getting a dose smack bang right in the middle! L-Carnitine encourages your body to utilise stored body fat as a source of energy aka fat metabolism. This ingredient is generally what all fat burners build their base from.

One of the biggest talking points about this fat burner is the inclusion of KSM-66 Ashwagandha in a big 300mg dosage per a 1 scoop serve. Ashwagandha is primarily an adaptogen helping your body adapt to all kinds of stresses. Since you're in caloric deficit when taking Ghost Burn, your body will be under a number of stresses thus where this unique ingredient comes into play helping you manage these issues.

We can also see a nice synergism between Choline Bitartrate, L-Tyrosine and this NeuroFactor Coffee fruit extract. All 3 ingredients can help enhance mental focus and when combined together, will really work in unison to elevate cognition. 

Caffeine is a nice 150mg dose per serve which is nice little kick of energy to get you going. This dosage tends to cater for just about anyone and everyone where as the hard hitting, heavy stimulant based fat burners are obviously a niche market. 

Overall, the ingredient and nutritional panel is pretty impressive on paper. Ghost have included some cool unique ingredients not often seen in fat burners yet have a number of benefits for those trying to lose body fat. Well played Ghost!

Flavours & Taste

Ghost Burn currently comes in 3 flavours;

  1. Mango
  2. Sour Green Apple
  3. Sour Watermelon

As with their pre-workout supplement Ghost Legend, Ghost have partnered with the popular Warheads candy company to create sour warheads inspired flavours. They definitely are unique and different to the standard fruit-based options we normally receive with fat burners.

We personally aren't massive fans of the sour green apple or sour watermelon options (too sweet and not that pleasant to drink in our eyes). Fortunately they do have a Mango flavour which is absolutely delicious!!

We take Ghost Burn first thing in the morning 20 minutes prior to working out, so maybe it's more the fact we'd rather drink a Mango flavoured thermo at 7am in the morning than a sour warheads flavour!

How does it mix?

Ghost Burn does require a shaker to mix the product up properly. When done with 300ml - 400ml of water the supplement mixes up perfectly fine. No clumps at the bottom, no bits floating at the top, nothing.

We have mixed it with a glass of water and spoon and did find the product didn't mix as thoroughly as a shaker. There will bits of the powder at the bottom of the glass.

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The effects

As Ghost Burn is a fat burner, we can really only talk about the immediate effects you'd feel after taking the product. Did it help us lose body fat? Is something that needs to be measured over a prolonged period of time rather than decided upon after a couple of uses.

As mentioned above, we took a scoop of Ghost Burn first thing in the morning 20 minutes prior to working out. The energy is something that doesn't hit you straight away or something you feel increasing as you get to the gym. It's more of a steady slow incline of energy rather than an immediate spike.

Endurance and performance therefore increased due to us having this nice slow stream of energy coursing through our body. We felt we could train harder for longer rather than get a huge surge of energy, train really hard at the start of the workout then as the energy tapers off, our intensity dies too.

The mental focus was fantastic! We really felt dialed in and completely focused on what we were training. Especially great for weight-based / hypertrophy style training as it really lets you establish that mind-muscle connection with the muscle group your training. We'd the say when using Ghost Burn you're more concerned about the quality of your workout rather than quantity (running around like an energized bunny).

In terms of the other effects (did it help us lose fat, did the KSM-66 help with stress etc.), these are all things we can't really comment on unless we were properly doing a cut and in caloric deficit. Based on paper, Ghost Burn seems to have all the tools required to assist you in losing body fat, whether it does or not is something you'd have to test yourself over time.

Major cons

In our opinion, Ghost Burn is missing one thing that would really make this fat burner next level - Chlorogenic acid. Having a chlorogenic acid ingredient would help us stabilize insulin. Insulin sensitivity is a huge factor in regard to losing body fat which of course can be controlled by diet however when looking at fat loss supplementation as a whole, it's something that could be included to really give this fat burner another edge over its competitors.

The only other con in our eyes is the sour watermelon and sour green apple flavours. Don't get us wrong, we're sure there are people who absolutely love them and a major reason why they buy Ghost products however in our opinion, they're too sickly sweet and simply not enjoyable to drink compared to their Mango flavour.


Creative, innovative, unique and exciting are all words that best sum up this fat burner from Ghost. They've combined your staple fat burning ingredients such as L-Carnitine, caffeine, grains of paradise etc with some cool, different ingredients like the KSM-66, the NeuroFactor coffee fruit extract, the choline etc. to bring together this perfect synergism and balance of fat burning potential goodness!

There's no cookie cutter, generic formulas here emphasizing the brand's passion for releasing new and exciting high quality, unique products that can potentially assist our weight loss goals. The immediate effects (energy, mental focus etc.) are clean and definitely. evident during workouts, really helping us take our training sessions to that next level. 

Remember, fat burners can assist you in losing unwanted body fat, they aren't the solution. Please read this article to fully understand how Ghost Burn can help you and your weight loss goals.


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