Elizabeth & Nate Lazarus

Elizabeth & Nate Lazarus are a local couple here in the ACT who are a living, breathing example of "couple's who lift together, stay together!".

Elizabeth was a young national swimming champion which reinforces her love of competition and continuing to challenge herself. She's swapped the goggles and swim trunks for a pair of heels and a shiny bikini, competing on the WBFF stage to one day earn her pro card.

Nate on the other hand, is a strongman competitor, qualifying for the Australian Strongman Nationals before pulling out due to injury. His passion for the industry is evident via his job as the member services manager at Fitness First, allowing Nate to share his knowledge and love for training with others on a daily basis.

Supps42 are proud to support both Elizabeth & Nate in pursuing their goals, both fitness and career orientated.

Get to know Elizabeth & Nate!


  • Elizabeth: 23
  • Nate: 25


  • Elizabeth: Army Pharmacist
  • Nate: Fitness First Member Services Manager 

Years Training

  • Elizabeth: 'I first started off as a competitive swimmer when I was 11 years old, so if counting that 12 years however started serious weight training 3 years ago'.
  • Nate: '9 Years'

Training Goal  

  • Elizabeth: 'At the moment my main goal is to put on lean muscle mass whilst shredding some body fat before my next WBFF show in 2019. I'd like to step up into the fitness category and eventually earn my WBFF pro card'.
  • Nate: 'Return to 120kg bodyweight strongman after injury'.

Go to Cheat Meal

  • Elizabeth: 'Anything Italian or Brodburger'.
  • Nate: 'Brodburger and New York Cheesecake'

Favourite Supps42 Supp

  • Elizabeth: 'Personally I've always been a fan of EHP Labs, they've always sat well with me. Their Oxywhey tastes amazing on its own and in my protein oats'.
  • Nate: 'MTS Nutrition Machine Whey Tim Tam is fu*king delicious, especially when made into a protein dessert (courtesy advice from Todd!)

Competition Achievements

  • Elizabeth: 'Well before I turned to bodybuilding, I was a national medalist in swimming at the age of 14. Bronze in 800m and 400m freestyle however I personally see stepping on the WBFF stage as a massive achievement in itself'.
  • Nate: 'I qualified for the Australian Strongman Nationals however had to pull out due to injury'.

Favourite Exercise and Why?

  • Elizabeth: 'Heavy hip thrusts! It's the best exercise to build strong glutes. Heavy weights are the way ladies!'
  • Nate: 'Close grip bench press! Builds good upper body pressing strength and strong arms'.

What Gym Would We Find You Training At?

  • Elizabeth: 'Fitness First, Canberra City'.
  • Nate: 'Fitness First Canberra City & Unbranded Sports Preparation, ACT heading into competition'.

One piece of fitness advice from Elizabeth & Nate

  • Elizabeth: 'Balance, don't go too hard straight away, you'll just hit a wall'
  • Nate: 'Focus on getting the basic lifts right'.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

  • Elizabeth: 'Hopefully as a WBFF pro in either fitness or bikini and the rank of major in the Australian army'.
  • Nate: '125kg body weight and Fitness First Club Manager'.

Who are your role models and why?

  • Elizabeth: 'Michael Phelps because he did what everyone told him he couldn't, putting his head down and just doing the work required. Also my former coach and mentor, Hattie Boydle, she is honest and the most loving person you'll ever meet. She hasn't had it handed to her, works hard and tells it how it is!'.
  • Nate: 'Eddie Hall & Julius Cesar because they had their goals, knew what it took and through sheer iron and unshakable will power, they gave it all to achieve them'.

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