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  • With summer just around the corner and most gym goers around the country looking to lose some unwanted winter weight for the warmer weather, we thought we'd compare two of the most popular powdered fat burning thermogenic supplements to see which one has bragging rights over the other!
  • We'll be putting the king of fat burners, EHP Labs Oxyshred, which in our opinion, is the most popular, best-selling thermogenic powdered fat burning supplements of all time, within the Australian market, up against the new kid on the block that's literally only been available since the start of this year yet riding a huge wave of popularity and momentum, Ghost Burn! 
  • Both products in conjunction with a calorie deficit diet, can assist you in losing unwanted body fat but if we had to choose one, which one would it be? Let's find out!!

Round 1 - Ingredients & nutritional breakdown

  • One of the most recent changes to the EHP Labs products, is the removal of their stupid proprietary blend labels with new, fully disclosed, transparent ones, allowing consumers to know exactly what they're getting each time they take a scoop of their supps!
  • We won't go through every single ingredient however will touch on the main features of each fat burner and what makes them unique. Straight off the bat we can see within a scoop of Oxyshred you'll receive a generous 1.75g of Acetyl L-Carnitine which as we all know, is the main ingredient most fat burners base their formulas off, encouraging our bodies to utilize stored body fat as a source of energy. The most clinical or efficacious dosage of Acetyl L-Carnitine is between 1g - 2g so having a generous 1.75g per a 1 scoop serve is fantastic!
  • In terms of energy, Oxyshred does contain a perfect synergism of caffeine and Advantra Z, giving users a really nice clean, constant, steady stream of energy with no crash, jitters or anything like that. It's literally a perfect amount to cater for any walk of life whether you're a seasoned gym junkie, a professional athlete or just your every day mum going for a walk with the pram and new-born baby! A standard cup of coffee contains 80mg - 100mg of caffeine with a scoop of Oxyshred giving us 150mg to give you an idea of strength.
  • There is an exciting dose of Huperzine A which is a great ingredient to really boost mental focus. The problem with this however is that the formula does miss Choline which works hand in hand with Huperzine A. Eg Huperzine A works by stopping the breakdown of excess Acetylcholine. If there's nothing there to actually boost Acetylcholine to begin with, Huperzine A by itself in a formula is pointless.
  • The formula does include a few other bits and pieces to also suppress appetite and encourage fat loss, giving users a real complete thermogenic that covers most things you'd want in a fat burner. There are a few things that could be improved however it still remains a fantastic product that literally anyone can benefit from if your goal is weight loss.
  • Oh yeah and it also contains natural sweeteners, colours and flavours!

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  • With that said, new developments, new science, new exciting ingredients, new studies etc. has been discovered and implemented over the past few years since Oxyshred was first introduced. This can be reinforced through what's been included in the recipe to make up Ghost Burn!
  • The reason why this label is so exciting is the fact that it literally touches every part of fat loss supplementation that we look for in a fat loss supplement in 2019. Fat metabolism (Carnitine blend), thermogenesis (Grains of Paradise), energy (Caffeine & Synephrine), control fat loss hormones such as insulin (Chromium), cortisol control (KSM-66 Ashwagandha) & mental focus (Choline, L-Tyrosine & NeuroFactor) all at clinical and studied dosages. 
  • The Ghost Burn formula is a clear reflection of how far we've come with fat loss supplementation since Oxyshred was first introduced many years ago, giving us no choice but to award this round to the revolutionary, advanced Ghost Burn! It simply smashes Oxyshred out of the park on paper if we're being completely honest!


Round 2 - Flavours & taste

  • EHP Labs Oxyshred currently has 6 original flavours and one 'limited edition' flavour at the time of writing this blog;
    - Guava Paradise
    - Kiwi Strawberry
    - Mango
    - Passionfruit
    - Pink Grapefruit
    - Wild Melon
    - Orange Gummy (limited edition)
  • We will mention Oxyshred does release these 'limited edition' flavours quite regularly throughout each year with Pina Colada & Rainbow Candy coming before the current Orange Gummy. 
  • Ghost Burn currently comes in 3 flavours;
    - Mango
    - Warheads Sour Green Apple
    - Warheads Sour Watermelon
  • You simply can't deny just how good the Oxyshred flavours are! Another reason why it remains the best selling and most popular fat burner of all time within the Australian market is how damn delicious it is!! All 6 original flavours are incredible and delightful to drink, the only hard decision is deciding which one to grab! 
  • The 'limited edition' flavours are also amazing with EHP Labs nailing each flavour and giving us plenty of variety to choose from when selecting a new tub of Oxy! 
  • Ghost Burn flavours on the other hand, in our opinion, are not great in comparison. Although the sour green apple and sour watermelon are unique in that they have collaborated with popular candy company Warheads, they simply don't compete with the Oxyshred flavours. 
  • Put it this way, if you were to blind fold 100 people and do the Coke/Pepsi challenge with them, we're 100% confident most, if not all of them would choose Oxyshred as the most tastiest! 


Round 3 - Value for money

  • EHP Labs Oxyshred currently goes for $79.95 for 60 serves equaling $1.33 a serve. Ghost Burn is also $79.95 however has 40 serves equating to $2.00 per serve.

Round 4 - Effects
  • We will mention straight off the bat that the actual effects of each thermogenic supplement will vary from person to person and what we personally experience, may be completely different to what you experience. Now with that little disclaimer out of the way...
  • The synergism and balance of energy and feeling of well-being on Ghost Burn in our opinion, is far superior than Oxyshred. Oxyshred does a great job of enhancing mood and well-being but the energy is not as prominent and great as what you feel off Ghost Burn. 
  • It's found the perfect storm of energy (caffeine and synephrine) combined with the mental focus and well-being (l-tyrosine, neurofactor and choline) with the actual effects that you experience on Ghost Burn being very pleasant.
  • In terms of a thermogenesis effect, we personally love 'heating up' and breaking a sweat when we train which is something Ghost Burn provides through the generous dosage of grains of paradise, something again Oxyshred is missing. With that said, there are people who may hate that sweaty feeling when they train so for them, Oxyshred would be a far better choice in this specific situation.
  • But perhaps the other effect and deciding factor as to why we're giving this round to Ghost Burn, is that when you take any fat burner supplement, you're going to be in a caloric deficit, which put's your body under enormous stress. The fact Ghost Burn includes a generous dosage of KSM-66 Ashwagandha which assists in controlling cortisol (stress hormone) and a great dose of Chromium which helps control insulin, is the final dagger in the heart for Oxyshred and something that really gives this fat burner a massive edge over it's competitor. 
  • It's a complete modern science-based thermogenic supplement that has surpassed Oxyshred in development and implementation which is emphazized through the ingredients and dosages on paper and thus in turn backed up by the overall effects! 
  • In our opinion, Oxyshred is perfect for the everyday / beginner person with Ghost Burn being the next step up for those serious about losing unwanted body fat!


TIEBREAKER!! Round 5 - Versatility

  • EHP Labs Oxyshred can be used obviously as a pre-cardio or pre-training supplement but it can also be used through the day as an afternoon pick me up or even a substitute for your morning coffee. The energy we feel off Ghost Burn would be more ideal for an actual gym session where as the Oxyshred energy and what you feel would be better suited for anytime of the day. So in terms of versatility in using the fat burner through the day, Oxyshred in our opinion wins.
  • In terms of versatility in each thermogenic's practical application, Ghost Burn would win that argument. Because of the wide-range of clinically dosed ingredients, Ghost Burn is more versatile if you wanted to use the product for other reasons beyond energy enhancement and fat burning properties.
  • It can be used for hormone support AND as a nootropic / mental focus product as well! Eg if you were sitting at your desk and had a task that you really needed to dial in and mentally focus on, Ghost Burn would be a perfect option to help due to the 3 incredible mental focus ingredients (l-tyrosine, neurofactor and choline). If you're consistently stressed through the day, have high levels of anxiety, your boss is screaming at you, you're under the pump, you could take Ghost Burn due to the Ashwaganha and Chromium in there to control stress hormones and provide a sense of calmness and relief. So in terms of versatility in it's actual practical usage, Ghost Burn has the edge.
  • The final straw and argument that has provided a winner in this extremely tightly contested 'this or that' blog is the fact that Oxyshred does come in a non-stimulant version. The non-stimulant Oxyshred is the same formula as the Oxyshred we've been talking about just without any caffeine or stimulants. 
  • This version obviously caters for those individuals who train at night or who simply want a break off caffeine yet still want the benefits of a high quality fat burner thus making the overall Oxyshred brand more versatile in its usage once again. Eg you couldn't train on Ghost Burn if you worked out late at night due to the caffeine and stimulants.
  • We feel having a non-stimulant version of the same product was a incredibly smart and fantastic move for EHP Labs that expands their target market giving consumers more choice and options in selecting a product to help with their weight loss goals. 


Overall Winner

EHP Labs Oxyshred - 3

Ghost Burn - 2


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