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  • Fat burners / thermogenics

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  • $79.95 / 60 serves

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  • $1.33 / serve


  • "The world's #1 thermogenic fat burner!" EHP Labs Oxyshred has been one of the most popular, if not the most popular fat burner / thermogenic of all time. For years now, it's been the flagship product of EHP Labs and what they've built their successful brand around. You could say that Oxyshred is the king of the fat burners, revolutionizing the supplement industry when it was first released. 

Nutritional Panel

  • The unfortunate thing about Oxyshred, is that the exact amount of each ingredient EHP Labs have put into the product is unknown or "hidden" in a proprietary blend. They have added Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) for example, which is a great ingredient yet we don't know if they've added lots of it, or just sprinkled a bit in. 
  • Upon further research, you can find out the exact amount of caffeine (150mg) and acetyl l-carnitine (1.5g) per a 1 scoop serve EHP Labs have included, however the amounts of the remaining ingredients are unknown. Unfortunately, Supps42 believes it shouldn't be the consumer's responsibility to research what's in the product and should be listed in an open, easy to access, transparent label.


  • With all fat burners, the main things we immediately look for is something to metabolize fat, something to enhance mood, an appetite suppressant perhaps, a good kick of energy if it's stimulant based and then something to help the body absorb all the ingredients. That'd be the most common and complete, all-around thermogenic. 
  • Fortunately, after reading the entire ingredient list, Oxyshred contains all the above. We just don't know how much of each ingredient they've included as stated previously. Based on what we do know though, we can say acetyl l-carnitine is perfectly dosed at 1.5g with the most efficacious dosage being between 1g and 2g per serve. Acetyl L-Carnitine encourages your body to utilize stored fat as a source of energy (fat metabolism).
  • 150mg of caffeine is toward the lowish amount in comparison to other stimulant pre-workouts / fat burners. A standard cup of coffee is around the 80mg - 100mg mark to give you an idea as to how much energy you should expect to feel. The link below is a perfect site Supps42 highly recommends if you'd like to do further research on each ingredient and what they have the potential of doing;
  • Based on paper alone, Oxyshred does raise a few concerns based purely on not knowing what exactly is in the actual product. With that being said, EHP Labs are a trust worthy and reputable company in regard to releasing high quality supplements and can be trusted with releasing a quality fat burner. 

Flavours & Taste

  • EHP Labs Oxyshred comes in 6 flavours;
    - Guava Paradise
    - Kiwi Strawberry
    - Mango
    - Passionfruit
    - Pink Grapefruit
    - Wild Melon
  • Part of the reason why Oxyshred is so popular is because of how delicious the product actually is! Fat burning ingredients such as acetyl l-carnitine, conjugated linoleic acid etc. are not the most pleasant tasting. EHP Labs were really the first ones to release a product that found a solution to not only making them taste delicious but to ensure they are effective, hence why it's been dubbed the king of fat burners for so many years. 
  • Supps42 understands everyone has different taste buds and preferences in regard to flavors. With that said, if we were to rank them our preferences are;
    - Kiwi Strawberry: not too sweet and really enjoyable to drink
    - Guava Paradise: if you like guava cruisers you'll love this!
    - Mango: perfect during summer 
    - Wild Melon: another great option to have during the warmer weather
    - Passionfruit: in our opinion it's a bit on the sweet side
    - Pink Grapefruit: our least favorite compared to the others

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How does it mix?

  • Supps42 did just as EHP Labs have instructed on the label. "Mix 1 scoop with 10 ounces (295ml) of chilled water"
  • We did this with a glass of water and spoon stirred the product. Mixes perfectly fine with nothing floating at the top, no clumps at the bottom, nothing. When left alone for a period of time however, there are a few bits and pieces that stay at the bottom of the glass. Another quick stir and they  are gone though!


  • In terms of the short-terms effects, the energy provided by the 150mg of caffeine is a nice little kick to get your heart rate going and wake you up. Being on the lower end of caffeine per serve compared to other pre-workouts and fat burners, you won't be bouncing off the walls and you definitely won't experience that post-workout crash.
  • You will also notice your mood enhance. Another fantastic job EHP Labs have done when they created Oxyshred. When trying to lose unwanted body fat, Supps42 stresses the importance of being in a caloric deficit in regard to your nutrition first before even considering a thermogenic supplement. Being in a deficit can affect your mood, making you tired and not wanting to train knowing you should. The ingredients in Oxyshred definitely change this mind-set and can assist on days you're really struggling.
  • In terms of actual body fat loss, we can only speak about our own personal experiences to give some idea as to how effective this product is. The owner of Supps42, Todd used EHP Labs Oxyshred as his fat burner of choice in preparation for a men's fitness show where losing body fat and changing body composition was the goal. Todd slowly decreased his calories whilst increasing output, ensuring first he was in a deficit.
  • Not using Oxyshred from Day 1, Todd introduced Oxyshred into his supplement regime once he started to plateau, where weight loss started to slow down compared to when he first started the prep. Todd strongly feels Oxyshred allowed him to continue losing body fat at a consistent, healthy rate. He also took advantage of the caffeine Oxyshred provides due to feeling tired and "hangry" to help give him some much needed energy to train at an intense level. As always, everyone is different and what works for Todd, may not work for you.


  • We mentioned right at the beginning that EHP Labs Oxyshred has been the king of the fat burners for several years now. A few other products have challenged the crown, but no one has ever succeeded. It's still extremely popular and will continue to be for many more years to come.
  • It's a perfect option for beginners or people who are new / want to try a thermogenic. The caffeine isn't over the top, the flavours are delicious and it is effective in regard to assisting you lose some unwanted body fat. 
  • It's quite versatile in regard to usage. There are many people who use Oxyshred as an alternative to their morning coffee, getting a caffeine hit as well as the amazing fat metabolizing ingredients. 
  • Overall, EHP Labs really did revolutionize the fat burner / themorgenic category when they released Oxyshred. A true game changer at the time, Supps42 strongly recommends this product to anyone looking for a little extra help with their weight loss / body composition goals

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