Egg White & Zucchini Pro-Oats



  • Quick oats - 30g
  • Shredded zuchinni - 50g
  • Sugar free maple syrup - 35ml
  • Egg whites - 70ml
  • Strawberries - 125g
  • Desiccated coconut - 20g
  • Muscle Nation fruity cereal protein - 25g
  • Water - 200ml


  • Cook oats, zuchinni and water on the stove top until cooked through (stir with a whisk)
  • Take off the heat and pour in maple syrup and add in stevia (if you wish), put back onto heat and stir through until mixed 
  • Take off the heat and pour in egg whites, put back onto heat and stir through with your whisk, don’t let the egg white get clumpy
  • Take off the heat and stir in your protein powder, return to heat for 30 seconds and continue whisking 
  • Pour into bowl, add toppings (any you wish, peanut butter also works very well)
  • Enjoy!

*You cannot taste the egg white, this is for volume, especially when on low calories. You also cannot taste the zucchini, once again it’s great for volume! Get creative with your toppings and adjust your serving sizes to suit your intake. It still works well with more egg whites and extra oats if you can work it*


  • 27g Carbs / 33.4g Protein / 16.5g Fat
  • 425 Calories

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