Chloe Chellew

Chloe Chellew is a young South Australian based fitness and bikini competitor whom Supps42 strongly believes has a big future within the competition world. 

Placing 1st in the Bikini Beginner category at the 2018 WFF SA, it's no doubt Chloe has a tonne of potential with it only being a matter of time before she achieves her goal of earning that illustrious pro card.

We love Chloe's passion and mindset of being able to achieve anything you set your mind to but understanding it takes patience and consistency to do so, making it a no brainer for Supps42 to sign this talented individual and support her in her health and fitness journey. Welcome Chloe!

Get to know Chloe


  • 22


  • Registered Nurse

Years Training

  • 'Over 3 years of weight training'.

Training Goal

  • 'I am currently spending Season A 2019 to put on muscle and to become stronger. My current aim is to compete in the fitness and bikini categories for the Adelaide Muscle & Model Show for ANB in May 2019 and for ICN season B'.

Go to cheat meal

  • 'A big juicy burger and sweet potato chips with lots of aioli'.

Favourite Supps42 supp

  • 'Rule 1 protein would be go to as it is a lean whey protein which is extremely suitable for my competition prep. My second favorite protein is the peanut butter cereal milk Ghost Whey protein as it's absolutely delicious. My favorite pre-workout is Ghost Legend sour watermelon as it provides me with that burst of energy I need to smash out my weight sessions'.

Competition achievements

  • 1st Place Bikini Beginner WFF SA 2018
  • 2nd Place Bikini Junior WFF SA 2018
  • 3rd Place Bikini Tall WFF SA 2018

Favorite exercise and why?

  • 'I love training upper body so Arnold press, seated lateral raises, unassisted pull ups and triceps pushdowns. For lower body I enjoy dead lifts and supine glute thrusts'.

What gym would we find you training at?

  • Anytime Fitness Golden Grove SA and Derrimuts Gepps Cross, SA'.

One piece of advice from Chloe

  • 'Consistency and commitment are absolutely key. You must be patient as results do not come over night. The same diet and training will not work for everyone so you must find something that fits in with your lifestyle and most of all that you enjoy'.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  • 'I see myself lifting heavy and being strong while enjoying a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I hope to have already made my way to nationals and have earnt my pro card in Fitness/Sports or Bikini!'

Who are your role models and why?

  • 'My coach Lindsay Bass. He has been there for me every step of the way throughout my competition prep and off season training. He has constantly pushed and encouraged me and he has made me realize potential I wasn’t even aware that I had. He has inspired me to be driven, focused and to go for anything that I put my mind to'.


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