Calista McKenzie

Welcome to the Supps team Calista McKenzie! Calista is a young, 20 year old IFBB Bikini athlete based in Melbourne who's dream and passion of competing at the prestigious Olympia will soon be realised if she simply continues what she's currently doing! Calista possess a tonne of potential already competing at the IFBB Arnold's in 2018 & 2019, placing 2nd in her division! 

Surrounding herself with like-minded, hard working individuals such as fellow Supps42 sponsored athlete, Ethan Browning, the sky's the limit for what they will both achieve in the near future! We are extremely proud to have Calista on board and support her in all future endeavors. 

Get to know Calista


  • 20


  • Sales & Marketing

Years Training

  • 1.5

Go to cheat meal

  • 'Pepperoni Pizza with garlic bread crust + double choc fudge brownies + vanilla soy ice cream'.

Favourite Supps42 supp

  • 'EHP Labs Isopept Zero because of how fast absorbing/ high quality the whey is!'

Competition achievements

  • First call outs in Bikini Open at age 18 - IFBB Arnold's 2018
  • 2nd place Bikini Open Tall - IFBB QLD Qualifiers
  • 2nd place Bikini Open Tall - IFBB Arnold's 2019

Favorite exercise and why?

  • 'Lunges superset with cyclist squats with a 3 second hold at the bottom for that burn in the quads!'

What gym would we find you training at?

  • 'Doherty's Brunswick, VIC'

One piece of fitness advice from Calista?

  • 'Get yourself a PT or coach : You’re not expected to know everything as a beginner, invest in yourself to force that growth you’ve been dreaming of. And for those that already have a coach stay true to yourself, the only person you’re cheating when you stray from your diet/training is yourself'.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  • 'Simple - living in St Kilda on the water, prepping for the Olympia as a Pro IFBB Bikini athlete'.

Who are your role models and why?

  • 'Angelica Teixeira for her insane physique but also for her ability to stay as humble as she is through all of her success and her ability to deflect all negativity she encounters'.

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