Before You Speak High Performance Coffee VS BSC Clean Coffee TX100


Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages on the planet, up there with alcohol and even water! For years we have happily forked out $4 - $5 every day for our usual morning coffee at the local cafe, bought jars of instant coffee blends to have at home, even invested in coffee machines and a variety of pods, emphasizing just how much Australian's love their coffee!

What if we told you though, that you could still enjoy your morning coffee every morning but at half the price to what you're currently paying? What if there was some sort of 'super coffee' filled with amazing health and well-being ingredients that tasted just as a good, if not better than the coffee's your use too? 

Enter Before You Speak's High Performance Coffee and BSC's Clean Coffee TX100!! These are two companies who recognized the incredibly high demand for coffee yet strive to deliver something better than what was currently offered. They asked themselves those exact same questions above and actually formulated and created such a thing!

They're both instant coffee blends (#convenience #justaddwater) providing you with the same little energy and caffeine boost as a regular coffee. The only difference is that the companies have added a wide-range of studied and incredible ingredients that can enhance your physical health and mental health not to mention they're half the price per serve compared to a standard coffee from your local cafe!

As always, 'This or That' is about comparisons and determining which one in our opinion is better than the other. Let's put these #fitcoffees in the cage and see which one comes out on top!!

Round 1 - Ingredients & Nutritional Breakdown

Each Before You Speak Coffee label will vary ever so slightly in regard to the macros from flavour to flavour, the above one we're looking at here is simply their original option. Being an instant coffee blend, obviously the proteins, carbs and fats will be extremely low and not of particular relevance. The main things that make this stand out are of course the ingredients.

We can see there are a wide range of health and well-being ingredients included in this high performance coffee blend. We don't know how much of each ingredient is included however (is it a lot? is it a sprinkle?) so don't know for certain if the amounts within each serve are at a dose to really do anything at all.

With that said, they are impressive ingredients that have been proved to do the following; provide clean, natural energy (single origin Colombian coffee bean), metabolise unwanted fat (MCT powder), help your body regulate cortisol (Siberian Ginseng), assist blood sugar management (green coffee bean extract), anti-inflammatory properties (turmeric) and help absorption (black pepper extract) whilst being sweetened with stevia (no artificial sweeteners).

Each sachet will provide 115mg of caffeine (most standard cup of coffee's provide 80mg - 100mg caffeine), giving us something on the higher end of caffeine content when it comes to coffee but nothing too crazy. It's also gluten free, lactose free and vegan friendly. Overall it's an amazing list of impressive ingredients and something to truly get excited about when judging the coffee purely on paper and what's in it.

We will mention Before You Speak does come in a 'Glow' Collagen option where the ingredients do vary from the originals. The main difference is the inclusion of marine collagen and a few other ingredients designed to aid hair, skin and nail health. The macros are slightly different with protein being higher due to the collagen found within each serve. 

In our eyes, this is such a genius move from Before You Speak to be able to deliver a similar tasting, delicious coffee experience but also one that can assist in developing and maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails, something that really appeals to specific customers.

Once of the highlights of BSC's Clean Coffee label is the fact they tell us the exact dosages of each ingredient they've added to their product, something Before You Speak fails to do. A fully transparent, open label is something we love at Supps42 and feel all companies should do so consumers know exactly what they're paying for.

The downside is that Clean Coffee only contains 4 real exciting ingredients (Columbian coffee powder, MCT powder, Bluenesse and Apple cider vinegar powder) compared to the 6 - 8 ingredients found in Before You Speak's coffee options. Although great ingredients, we do feel Before You Speak is like the next step up from BSC's Clean Coffee. It's like BSC Clean Coffee is The Terminator 1 movie (a great, exciting time when it first came out) but then Before You Speak is The Terminator 2 (an even better advancement from the original), if that makes sense!

The fact Before You Speak also has the Glow Collagen option is like a double KO to BSC's Clean Coffee and why Before You Speak easily wins this round.

Round 1 Winner - Before You Speak High Performance Coffee

Round 2  - Flavours & Taste

Before You Speak Coffee currently comes in 5 flavours;

  1. Original
  2. Caramel
  3. Cinnamon Spice
  4. Glow Original
  5. Glow Mocha

Instant coffee gets a pretty bad reputation for tasting like sh*t compared to your delicious, freshly brewed coffee from the cafe, so it's common for individuals to believe these instant coffee blends will follow the same pattern. Most people go into a Before You Speak taste test with low expectations yet it's funny to see how quickly their faces change when they realize how yummy and delicious this coffee truly is!!

All flavours are sweeter than your typical black coffee's yet have subtle differences between each option. You can have them by itself or add other inclusions like milk (dairy, almond, soy etc.) or the Before You Speak creamer. We would strongly advise not to add sugar as they're already sweet and by adding sugar it just defeats the whole purpose of having a #fitcoffee. 

If we had to award a gold, silver and bronze medal to the top 3 flavours it'd look something like;

🥇 Glow Mocha

🥈 Caramel

🥉 Original

BSC's Clean Coffee just comes in the one original flavour option. Again for an instant coffee blend, it does taste bloody delicious and really enjoyable to drink. It is a little bit sweet but not as sweet as the Before You Speak flavours, so for those individuals who don't like sweet coffee, this could possibly be for you.

Both instant coffee's can be enjoyed in hot water like a normal coffee or over ice for a delicious iced coffee, perfect for the warmer weather or if you simply enjoy cold coffee over hot!

With that said, it's a no brainer that again this round goes to Before You Speak. They are giving us 5 different flavour options compared to the one from BSC. All 5 are very delicious and have a unique, distinct flavour. We will mention that Before You Speak goes even further to exceed expectations but offering an 'assorted' box option, allowing consumers to receive 10 sachets of Original, 10 sachets of Caramel and 10 sachets of Cinnamon Spice, providing some variety and choice.

Round 2 Winner - Before You Speak High Performance Coffee

Round 3 - Value for money

Before You Speak Coffee provides 30 sachets per box with each box going for $69.95. This equates to $2.33 per serve, half the price of a standard coffee from your local cafe.

With that said, BSC's Clean Coffee provides double the amount of sachets with 60 per box, each box going for the exact same price $69.95. This makes each serve of Clean Coffee $1.17!!

Round 3 Winner - BSC Clean Coffee TX100

Round 4 - Versatility

You can cook and create with each coffee blend with both brands providing multiple recipes and yummy treats to use their coffee sachets in. Because of Before You Speak's larger and more diverse flavour options, the edge obviously goes to them allowing flexibility and more variety in what you cook and create. For example, you can use their cinnamon spice flavour for cinnamon based recipes but then their mocha option for mocha waffles or things like that. BSC's one flavour and one distinct taste, really restricts you with the type of recipes you can use.

Before You Speak also comes in trial pack sizes (7 sachets per pouch), allowing consumers to try it out before investing in a whole box's worth. This versatility in regard to different options and sizes caters for those individuals who are unsure or don't believe in the hype of instant coffee actually tasting delicious! Before You Speak are also constantly working on new and exciting products to compliment their instant coffee blend such as their creamer to really deliver a high quality, enjoyable coffee experience.

Round 4 Winner - Before You Speak High Performance Coffee


Before You Speak High Performance Coffee - 3

BSC Clean Coffee TX100 - 1


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