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The importance of gut health & how it impacts our overall health & well-being has definitely become a more talked about topic & something people are becoming more aware of, especially within the past 6 - 12 months.

Not too many people knew just how important our gut health is and the knock on effect is has on our overall health and fitness progress. ATP Science were really the first ones to open our eyes to this topic with the release of their GutRight supplement. Loads of info (podcasts, articles etc.) soon followed, educating consumers on why gut health is so important and something we shouldn't be ignoring anymore.

Gut Performance was released soon after and shot to fame during this surge of gut health awareness with popular world champion sports model Hattie Boydle, promoting the product and preaching again just how important our gut health really is.

The two most popular gut health supplements on the market today, let's put them up against one another and see which one we feel reigns supreme!

Round 1  - Ingredients & Nutritional Breakdown

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The ingredients found within ATP Science GutRight are a group of modbiotics (natural poisons) that help regulate the balance of good to bad bacteria in your gut. Specifically, they're natural poisons that kill off bad bacteria, thus allowing the good bacteria to thrive (we need good bacteria in our gut as that's what helps us digest food & breakdown nutrients to get into the bloodstream).

Theoretically, by having a good balance of good to bad bacteria in our guts, we will have improved digestion and be able to better utilize the nutrients we consume (macro-nutrients, vitamins, minerals etc.). This will then have a flow on effect to all the supplements you may be taking also (you'll get better absorption of all the supplements that you're consuming orally through that improved digestion).

The ingredients within GutRight will also help regulate / get under control those who experience bloating after meals or stomach discomfort. Basically, the modbiotics within GutRight is an all-in-one, comprehensive gut health solution that regulates the ratio of good to bad bacteria that then provides us will all the incredible benefits listed above.

Similarly, the ingredients within Gut Performance has been designed to support good gut health and has been scientifically developed to significantly reduce bloating, aid digestion & nutrient absorption and promote weight loss due to the prebiotic found within the product.

The ingredients are a great unique mix which when taken with food (lowers the Glycemic Index (GI) of those foods your consuming). The purpose of Gut Performance & Gut Health are exactly the same with both companies emphasizing the importance of regulating that balance of good to bad bacteria which will then create a number of amazing health benefits listed above.

We're giving this round to ATP Science GutRight, due to their much larger range of incredible ingredients they've included in their supplement. GutRight is definitely a more potent and stronger gut health supplement with Gut Performance being more of a daily, maintenance type of product, but more on this in effects.


Round 2 - Flavours & Taste

ATP Science GutRight simply requires one scoop (5 grams) to be mixed with any beverage of your choice (glass of water, juice, smoothie, protein shake etc.). We're not going to lie, it's not a very nice tasting supplement at all, in fact let's just call a spade a spade, it tastes like sh*t! It's definitely a chore to consume it straight by itself with a glass of water so we'd highly recommend mixing it with something flavored to try and mask that potent taste as best as you can.

We have had customers who simply tackle it head on and chuck the scoop of powder in their mouth then chase it with some water. Up to you what you'd like to do.

Gut Performance on the other hand, is an absolute dream to consume in comparison. It comes in the one berry flavour with the tub telling you to mix 1 scoop (7.7 grams) with 250ml of water. It is a bit different to your other flavored supplements but still tastes far better than ATP's GutRight. We would much rather drink Gut Performance every day than GutRight!


Round 3 - Value for Money

ATP Science GutRight provides 30 serves at $69.95 = $2.33 / serve. Gut Performance provides 30 serves at $74.95 = $2.50 / serve.

The first tub of GutRight does recommend you do their 'kick-start program' where you're taking 3 scoops of GutRight a day for 10 days making it obviously not last as long as a full tub of Gut Performance, however if we're simply talking tub for tub, serve for serve, GutRight gets the points!


Round 4 - Effects - ATP Science GutRight

As mentioned above, ATP have suggested you do their 'kick start program' to begin with where you're taking the supplement 3 times a day for 10 days. Once completed, they have advised you take 1 scoop a day for general maintenance.

The kick start program is literally aimed at those individuals who have never taken a gut health supplement before thus never actually done a reset of healthy gut flora. It's literally killing all the bad bacteria that has built up within our guts over time then promoting the good bacteria to thrive all in a potent, strong 10 day period.

We completed the 10 day kick start program as instructed then went through another tub of GutRight having 1 serve a day for 30 days (we should note that none of us have actually ever had a gut health supplement before so this was a perfect opportunity to truly experience the product).

The first few days of taking the product (3 times a day) I personally felt stomach discomfort. It wasn't a stomach ache or anything like that, it was just a new sensation I've never felt before. This discomfort continued for 3 - 4 days before it finally subsided and disappeared.

Of course ingesting completely new ingredients to our body, especially potent, strong ones found within GutRight it is expected some kind of side effect or discomfort would occur. Once that discomfort disappeared, I continued taking the product 3 times a day until the 10 day period was up followed by 1 serve a day for another entire tub. To be honest, I really didn't feel anything at all. I didn't notice any positive changes or any negative changes either. I don't feel any different now after going through a couple tubs of GutRight than I did prior to starting.

With that said, I personally do not have any chronic gut or stomach issues nor do I eat many foods packed with sugars and fats emphasizing this product really is aimed at those who do have gut / stomach complications.

It's an extremely strong and potent blend of ingredients that would really aid these people and potentially restore good gut health so their symptoms subside.

Effects - Gut Performance

We did take a couple months off any gut health supplement once we finished the GutRight experiment to give Gut Performance a fair go. There's no point smashing out two tubs of GutRight then going straight into Gut Performance to judge the effects.

The two months I took off, I continued my training and nutrition regime as per normal with ATP's GutRight the only variable that disappeared. Gut Performance was taken as per instructed, 1 scoop a day. It doesn't matter when you take the product as long as you're consistent in doing so each day (I took mine first thing in the morning with breakfast).

Straight off the bat, there was no stomach discomfort the first few days of taking the product like there was with GutRight which was a sigh of relief. Again, I didn't notice any real significant changes throughout the entire month of using Gut Performance. There was nothing positive nor was there anything negative.

With that said, I'm probably not the best candidate to truly test the effects due to myself not having any severe gut / stomach and bloating issues. It is something however I would recommend to any individual who simply wants to maintain and look after their gut health, ensuring the good bacteria continues to thrive. It's a perfect supplement for literally every body as the company's name suggests.

Round 4 Winner

After trying both products, we're giving the round to ATP Science GutRight purely because of how strong and potent the formula is. Even though it didn't really have much of an effect on myself, we feel for someone who does suffer from severe stomach / gut issues, GutRight would be far more beneficial than Gut Performance due to the ingredients within. GutRight and the 10 day kick start program is perfect for those who have never been on any gut health supplement before (most of us) and would again, greatly benefit those who do bloat easily or have some sort of gut disorder.

Gut Performance still is an incredible product and as mentioned above, would be something for the every day person to take to maintain good gut health and look after their overall health and fitness.


    Overall Winner

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